nanoStream H5Live Low Latency FAQ

On May 2nd, we held a very fruitful roundtable discussion in cooperation with Streaming Media, around the question of how to best reduce latency in live streaming. We received a lot of interesting questions from the participants, showing that ultra-low latency is a fascinating new level in developing live streaming software.

If you want to review the webinar, simply click here to access the archived version.

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Interactive Live Streaming with Ultra-Low Latency

by Oliver Lietz, CEO nanocosmos

How can I create true interactive live streaming applications with ultra-low latency?

Live video streaming is getting more and interactive. Webcasters and broadcasters want to be able to communicate directly in real-time or engage with their audience by getting live feedback during presentations or events.

Live streaming of user-generated content on mobile devices, or live communications tools for auctions or e-sports require bidirectional connection with ultra-low latency (below 2 seconds). Our nanoStream H5Live playback technology lets you build interactive applications with ultra-low latency, plugin-free on any browser and on any device.



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Interactive live streaming with low latency – at Streaming Media East

The nanocosmos team will be at Streaming Media East in New York on May 16th and 17th. We would love to meet you and chat about ultra-low latency live streaming for interactive applications!

Find us in the International Zone, or schedule an appointment with our team via email (, phone (+49 175 5667641), or Skype (nanocosmos).

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