Affordable worship streaming: Sunday Streams

Sunday Streams, with Sunday Streams Live Encoder powered by nanoStream software, offers full-service live streaming services for houses of worship for congregations in the United States and internationally. Adaptive bit rate streaming and cross-platform accessibility enable wide outreach.

For everyone who has to work during their weekly meeting with the congregation, or can’t attend for reasons of travel or sickness, nanocosmos client Sunday Streams has developed a solution that helps congregations across the United States and internationally. Through the popular streaming service, the family-run business enables everyone to take part in their service from internet-enabled devices.

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Live Streaming with

Setting up a live stream with

Our new stream management software enables easy management of live video streams with any encoder or playback software. It completes the end-to-end live streaming solutions by nanoStream together with the nanoStream Encoder and Player SDKs and apps. Instead of difficult set-up, organisation, and maintenance of your own streaming server, leverage proven software know-how and quality with nanocosmos streaming services in the cloud. Start streaming immediately!

live streaming Schema.png
With nanoStream and you have full control over your live streaming workflow

This guide shows you how to easily set up a live stream via

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Newsletter July 2016




nanoStream and for low latency live streaming

nanoStream Software – Live Encoding, Streaming and Playback. End-to-End.

New nanoStream 4.8 Software for Low Latency Live Streaming Worldwide

nanoStream 4.8 cross-platform SDKs and Apps are available now for existing and new customers.

New features in the nanoStream Live Encoder and Player Software for end-to-end live streaming cross-platform usage:

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Education-at-a-Distance with nanoStream

nanoStream enables global learning solutions with complete live streaming software.

Tools for learning-at-a-distance are a key feature of modern educational institutions. The providers of distance learning software need cross-platform accessibility, secure streaming of the educational material, and an easy adaptation of the software into the specific learning environment. nanoStream live streaming software has been adopted by several customers from the educational sector enabling a complete solution, for a classroom experience on the global level.

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nanoStream 4.8 Release

nanoStream 4.8 Cross-Platform Release Notes

nanoStream 4.8 is available now for existing and new customers. The Live Encoder and Player Software update includes improvements for low-latency end-to-end live streaming for cross-platform usage, improved meta data handling and many more improvements, including our stream management platform.

Our new WebRTC engine with H264 support and HTML5 low latency playback technology is also available for private preview now.
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