Time’s Up for Flash, But RTMP is Still Important

“The clock has run out for Flash”, says Robert Reinhardt in his latest article on StreamingMedia. He summarizes the challenges for live streaming use cases on different platforms and with different streaming formats.

Flash played an important role in delivering low latency live streams. With the release of Chrome 55, Google has restricted Flash content on its browser, Mozilla also announced the limiting of Flash content in Firefox.

So – how can we continue to stream video in low latency after Flash?

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Job posting: Software Developer for iOS/JS

nanocosmos is hiring!

Software Developer for iOS/JS

If you are interested in working in a creative team with high skills on cross-platform video streaming applications, and would like to help us bring this technology to our customers, send us your application!

We are looking for a developer for iOS and Javascript for front-end and API development.

You will design and implement live video-based streaming applications, including features like sharing, collaboration, chat, geolocation, tagging, social media integration, etc.

You should bring some of these skills:

One or more of these Software Programming Languages and Technologies:
iOS Development: ObjC, Swift
Web Development: HTML/JS
Frameworks and Technologies like Node.JS, REST API, JSON

Basic know-how or interest in video communication and streaming is appreciated but not a must-have.

One or more of these non-technical skills:
English language (German optional)
Agile, iterative development approach with short release cycles
interest to work with international teams and customers

Our main office is in Berlin, Germany.
Remote work, part time, and intermediate student work (final exams etc.) is possible.

Please send your CV and project references to: jobs@nanocosmos.de

Oliver Lietz

Live Video Streaming über den Browser

Live Streamen mit niedriger Latenzzeit, das ist mit der neuesten Player-Software von nanocosmos, dem nanoStream H5Live Player, möglich. Der Stream kann dabei direkt vom Browser gestartet und abgespielt werden, mit einer Latenzzeit von ca. 1 Sekunde. Welche Möglichkeiten es für browser-basiertes Livestreaming gibt, erklären wir in der aktuellen Ausgabe der FKT.

Den H5Live Player kann man direkt auf unserer Webseite testen, alles was es dazu braucht ist eine RTMP Streaming URL – zur H5Live Demoversion.

Live Streaming with low latency is possible with our newest player software, the nanoStream H5Live Player. The stream is started and played directly through the browser, with a latency of around 1 second. In the current edition of FKT, we explain the possibilities for browser-based live streaming after flash (in German).

You can test the H5Live Player directly on our web site. All you need is an RTMP streaming URL – click here to try!

Low Latency for Interactive Use Cases

nanocosmos Executive Prediction for 2017 in Streaming Media Magazine.

I need low latency for live video – but the Flash player is no longer supported! How can I solve this?

Live video is getting more and interactive, which requires bidirectional communication with low latency. Bets and auctions that are streamed live, or video communications via live chat require latency below 1 or 2 seconds for an approved buyer experience. How can we guarantee low latency playback?

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Use Case: Chess World Championship

The World Chess Championships ended this Wednesday after 19 days, 12 long games and a tiebreaker session of four games. Magnus Carlsen won, confering him the title of World Champion the third year in a row.

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