How all-in-one streaming can help Asian iGaming providers expand globally

In today’s digital age, expanding globally isn’t just a dream; it’s necessary for businesses striving for growth and relevance. Providers of online games and bets know the potential when it comes to that. The iGaming industry is expected to continue its boom. For one, internet coverage is still improving. Also, new opening regulations for iGaming and betting give reasons to expect further growth. Just a few months ago we saw Brazil’s regulations opening and triggering lots of promising momentum in the news. In addition, with the number of smarphone users still growing (Statista), iGaming operators have a great outlook.

Central to expanding is the ability to connect with audiences worldwide seamlessly and in real-time. How can platforms facilitate this? After all, delivering reliable experiences at scale is a major hurdle: “The larger an audience grows, the more resources are required to maintain availability”. In addition, latency must be kept at a minimum to support live interaction.

Since time is of the essence in the competitive global market, operators can leverage all-in-one solutions like nanoStream Cloud to combine the various areas contributing to successful real-time video streaming.

Seamless Scalability

No matter the targeted location, using real-time video streaming for iGaming is key when it comes to successful live games like online poker, bingo, roulette, blackjack, microbetting. With different countries targeted though, operators must address diverse conditions and select a streaming solution that goes beyond the matters of latency.

Even when access to the internet is growing, the varying network qualities will need to be handled. To scale effortlessly, operators require real-time video streaming that addresses this e.g. with Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming that adjusts the video quality in real-time based on the viewer’s network conditions.

On top, to ensure uninterrupted streams delivered to audiences, irrespective of their location streaming data is most helpful: Understanding the audience and improving the streaming experience are keys to success. Implementing analytics systems allows operators to gather insights into viewers’ behavior, preferences, and potential areas for improvement. State-of-the-art streaming goes with analytics, not without.

Stability despite diverse internet qualities

Another challenge is distributing live games or bets via streaming across areas with varying network conditions 24/7. For games that are streamed from Asia to other parts of the world this can be challenging. Here, operators need to rely on a strong and reliable Content Delivery Network (CDN) to ensure an uninterrupted experience. Relying on strategically placed servers and an automatic failover mechanism is a good approach to overcome the demand without downtimes.

How to minimize the risk of illicit streaming?

Scaling live streaming should not happen without taking extra precautions to prevent content piracy. Implementing secure ingest webhooks for data receipt and playback tokens to thwart unauthorized users are viable options. Additionally, strategic IP and referral blocking play a crucial role, especially for gaming offerings that are scaled. Monitoring and controlling access points empowers operators to retain control over distribution channels, thereby minimizing the risk of illicit streaming.

Key takeaways

The streaming landscape presents both opportunities and challenges for operators. To thrive in this dynamic market, operators who aim to scale should look for a comprehensive solution prioritizing sub-second latency, ABR, a strong CDN, and robust security systems. Plus, knowledge is power, especially in the dynamic world of digital content. Real-time streaming platforms can offer a competitive edge for operators by including analytics capabilities, providing businesses with invaluable insights into viewer behaviour, content performance, and market trends. Armed with this data, operators can optimize content delivery, and drive sustained growth on a global scale.

Originally published on Inside Asian Gaming on May 21, 2024.

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