How nanocosmos helps iGaming providers to stream their games to LatAm in less than 1 second

nanocosmos collaborates closely with iGaming providers around the world to integrate nanoStream Cloud, a real-time video streaming solution, achieving content delivery in less than one second. This includes targeted countries in South America and games like Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack, and Bingo but also microbetting and other interactive use cases.

The list of providers using nanocosmos as their video streaming service includes companies from every region of the world, like Highlight Games, Betgames, and LiveG24. Interestingly, LiveG24 offers licensed live casino and bingo games streamed globally for operators focusing on growing regions like Brazil. Their interactive dealer games are streamed with nanocosmos’ solution 24/7/365 from studios in Europe to audiences worldwide, including the emerging market of South America. They also make use of multi-angle streaming with their bingo game, one camera on the dealer and one on the ball, to create a more dynamic and engaging experience. 

Typical challenges for providers when streaming interactive content to diverse regions are buffering, latency, bandwidth, video quality, and security.

Latency requirement for creating interactive live dealer games   

Interactive live dealer games like blackjack for instance require ultra-low latency. Streaming games to players in less than a second is critical to keep the gaming experience engaging, as well as to increase the betting window and grow monetization. With the nanocosmos’ solution providers achieve streaming with sub-second latency when streaming e.g. from Europe to Brazil. Considering the diverse internet capabilities this is extremely competitive.  

Another challenge which is related to latency is to ensure streamed games run smoothly. Any interruption in viewing experiences could directly hinder monetization efforts, emphasizing the paramount importance of seamless gameplay irrespective of the player’s location or device. To prioritize the players’ quality of experience (QoE), client LiveG24 requires comprehensive visibility into their streaming workflow.  

Advanced Monitoring and Analytics for Optimal Streaming

To maintain minimal latency, clients take advantage of nanocosmos’ world map displaying latency values per country. It is part of nanoStream Cloud Analytics. This tool helps monitor the backend of streams, ensuring latency remains minimal. Additionally, pie charts within the analytics suite offer insights into stream performance based on the operating system or country, enabling targeted optimizations.

Especially in regions without dense high-end internet coverage, the varying network qualities must be addressed. Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming is crucial for maintaining smooth streams, especially in regions with inconsistent internet connections. ABR adjusts video quality in real time based on the viewer’s network conditions, ensuring a smooth experience even in areas with suboptimal connectivity.

Another challenge is distributing live games or bets via streaming across all areas. A strong and reliable Content Delivery Network (CDN) supports uninterrupted experience in all regions. Relying on strategically placed servers, nanocosmos’ clients can navigate the challenges, delivering real-time games seamlessly.  

Many providers run streams nonstop and issues need to be fixed ASAP – translating into a timeframe of one minute. This challenge addresses nanocosmos with its approach to deliver support in-house 24/7/365.

The World Map is used to check the latency values per country  

World Map in nanoStream Cloud

World Map, Source: nanocosmos‘ documentation, Countries listed with latency values

The need for a solution offering seamless ultra-low latency streaming 24/7/365 across all regions and devices is paramount for many nanocosmos customers. The combination of various requirements delivers a unique solution: adaptive bitrate streaming with adjustable transcoding profiles that rely on a strong CDN, easy access and compatibility with all devices, and live control in Analytics. In addition, with security and 24/7 operations, the all-one solution ensures high-quality, ultra-low-latency streaming for interactive live dealer games, supporting the continued growth of the gaming industry in emerging markets like Latin America.

Upcoming Presentation

At Sigma Asia in Manila, June 3-5, 2024, booth BR902, nanocosmos will showcase their comprehensive real-time video streaming which includes player, CDN, security, analytics, and 24/7 support to the gaming and betting industry.  

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The article was originally published on the website of Inside Asian Gaming on Friday, May 31, 2024.