Sunny Days Ahead: nanoStream 2024 Summer Release

We can already see the sunshine from Berlin, and it’s not just the weather brightening our day: say hello to nanoStream 2024 – Summer Release! We’ve upgraded the entire workflow, emphasizing stability, reliability, and ease of use, along with sub-second latency. With continuous updates and improvements, our customers can focus on their core operations, knowing that with nanoStream, it simply works.

Let’s kick things off with a full review of what nanoStream has to offer in 2024 and how it can boost your interactive streaming experience. 

What is nanoStream all about?

nanoStream is a combination of services and technology for real-time video to help you engage your global audience and drive business growth. By allowing you to easily integrate, deliver, secure and analyze your video content, it covers your business from all corners to make sure you can focus on your core operations. 

It’s very flexible and allows ingestion with any major encoder using RTMP, SRT, WebRTC, and WHIP, while keeping up with industry standards and updates—ensuring you always have the latest technology available for your business reach and growth.

Check the video above where Antonella from our marketing team provides a short overview of what you can do with nanoStream in 2024.

Enhanced Dashboard and APIs

We’ve made the integration of nanoStream simple, so you can get up and running fast and bring your content live in no time. You can either start streaming from the nanoStream dashboard or you can integrate into your existing workflow with our stream management API.

In the video below, Antonella gives a short overview of the new dashboard design and how you can use it to create your streams, manage it and also to get valuable insights into your service.

The latest version in our 2024 release includes: 

  • A brand-new interface 
  • New insights via analytics about your stream health and usage
  • Integrated Webcaster so you can go live directly from the dashboard 
  • Stream groups to manage live transcoded streams 

And that’s not all. 

We are still working on some important updates like:  

  • Use roles: Assign different roles for your team so everyone has the right access to stream management. This ensures better visibility and security! 
  • Further analytics integration: We are working to fully integrate our analytics and stream management dashboard. 

Need some further inspiration? In this recent case study with Twebcast, a Swedish event platform, we dive deeper into how the integration was crucial for them. It helped enable interactivity and created a more secure environment within their own platform.

New Webcaster for browser-based streaming

For use cases like auctions, corporate events, or even user-generated content, going live from your browser is a smart choice: it’s simple, fast, and connects you to your audience quickly without any hassle. With our new Webcaster, starting your first live stream is incredibly easy, and you can deliver it globally in less than a second with top-notch quality.

It is included in all nanoStream packages: you can find it on the nanoStream dashboard or you can also integrate it into your own website and workflow via API, making it simple for anyone to stream from there. 

In our 2024 release, we’ve introduced the latest version of Webcaster, now more reliable, stable, and with even lower latency. The latest advancements go beyond browser-based streaming but also unlock new possibilities for various use cases and setups:

  • It uses our new WHIP ingest endpoints: our WHIP endpoints additionally enable ingesting from other environments than browsers, like OBS or game engines like Unity 3D.
  • It allows you to add overlays: improve your video experience by integrating AI filters such as those for beautify.

Check out the video below where Luuk from our sales team provides a quick overview on what you can with our new Webcaster:

Expanded Content Delivery Network

To meet the demands of interactive use cases, we must ensure our platform can deliver your streams globally and reliably at all times. For monetized applications like iGaming, any downtime translates directly into revenue loss. That’s why we’ve enhanced our network and operations in 2024 to provide our customers with the reliability they need:

  • Enhanced Content Delivery Network: Now with over 1,000 servers worldwide, including new areas in Latin America and Africa.
  • Growing Global Support Team: Ensuring you receive rapid responses and support whenever you need it.
  • Improved Network Protection: Optimisations to ensure high availability and 100% uptime, including further security measures to protect the service and the business of our customers.

Enhanced Player for seamless interactive experiences

In 2024, we’ve enhanced our technology to ensure sub-second latency, unparalleled stability, and an even better experience worldwide. By adopting the latest standards and making significant improvements, we keep making sure your streams are live in real-time, no matter the device or network.

  • Ease of Integration: Adding nanoStream Player to your website in your own branded environment is straightforward. With a simple iFrame or code snippet, companies can seamlessly incorporate the player into their existing setup.
  • Ultra-Low Latency: our player ensures the experience remains smooth and engaging on all devices throughout the entire interaction with the content, keeping the latency ultra-low. From the moment your audience joins, they’ll instantly access the content without long delays, allowing them to jump right into the action.
  • Enhanced Playback on Any Network: with our adaptive bitrate technology the video quality is adjusted in real-time based on network conditions, ensuring a seamless viewing experience regardless of the device or network strength. Combined with our live transcoding feature, this capability is particularly advantageous for live events and games with audiences in diverse locations.

Live Replay and Dynamic Thumbnails

Imagine if your audience could instantly rewind a thrilling moment from your live stream while it’s still happening, or if you could easily grab and share highlights to boost excitement even further. We’ve upgraded our video processing capabilities to make your live streams more versatile and enjoyable. Now, you can replay, clip, and share segments of your content in real-time, whether for promotional purposes or to let viewers revisit key moments as they happen. It’s all about enhancing the experience and making your live streams more engaging than ever before!

Here are some of the workflows and opportunities these new features unlock for your content:

Highlighting exciting moments:
Sometimes, a really crucial moment happens in a live stream, such as an important announcement in a townhall or a big win in a live casino. Your audience might want to revisit this moment and watch it again quickly before returning to the live action. At the same time, you can use these clips and share them on your webpage while the stream is still running, attracting more people to join in.

Dynamic thumbnails for promotion:
Your thumbnail can make a big difference in attracting viewers, whether on an auction website or in an online casino. Now you can display an up-to-date image of your stream that accurately reflects what’s happening, improving engagement.

Enhanced visuals and branding:
Sometimes loading is not avoidable and better to have it as a thumbnail poster image than a black screen to your audience knows what is coming.

Next level stream protection

Security remains a major focus for us, and we continuously enhance our workflow to ensure it is safe. Recently, we’ve upgraded our Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection with robust measures to safeguard your streams against attacks. Additionally, you can still rely on our three specific stream protection tools:

  • Ingest Webhooks
  • Playback Tokens
  • IP and Referral Blocking with nanoStream Guardian

In this article, we review step-by-step what’s available and how to use these tools. You’ll also find a case study with LiveG24, demonstrating how playback tokens were crucial in keeping their content within legal boundaries and avoiding regulatory issues.

Upgraded Live Transcription and Translation

Use cases like fan engagement and town halls can benefit immensely from live transcription and translation, making events more inclusive for everyone. That’s why we’re always working to make our live transcription feature even better:

  • Accuracy: We know that accuracy is crucial, especially when one wrong word can change everything. Our upgrades are all about making sure transcriptions are spot-on.
  • Translation: We’ve made significant improvements to include live translation, so even if viewers don’t speak the language, they can still join in and understand the stream.

But that’s not all! We’re super excited to share that soon, you’ll be able to enjoy live translation straight from spoken words. During live events, your audience will be able to pick the audio language they prefer, making it easier for more people to join in. This is a huge step towards making sure everyone feels included and can enjoy the stream, no matter what language they speak.

Power all your decisions with stream data

Our summer release wouldn’t be complete without highlighting our Analytics, which has become an essential part of our real-time streaming service. Offering end-to-end visibility of your streaming workflow, our Analytics provides insights at every stage, empowering you to offer better experiences and to grow your business.

To give you a quick overview of how you can leverage it, Max from our analytics team will explain how you can use these insights to benefit your business:

For your business and marketing team: Understand where your audience is, how long they interact with your content, and the devices they use to align GTM plans or reinforce marketing campaigns.

For tech and operations teams: Learn about the video quality your viewers consume most, how it buffers, or if there are any reasons for interruption. This insight helps you improve your stream setup to create better experiences.

For support teams: Get automatic alerts into your workflow if something is wrong and act fast. Dive deeper into your stream with troubleshooting to find the root of issues, or if needed, immediately engage nanocosmos support for assistance.

The latest improvements to nanoStream Analytics include:

  • Successful Playback Start Ratio (SPSR) helps you understand how often viewers successfully start watching a stream. It measures the percentage of video playback attempts that start and continue without errors in the first 30 seconds. Analyzing SPSR enables several improvements:

    Swiftly identify and resolve technical issues causing playback failures, ensuring a smoother viewing experience.
    Enhance the initial playback experience, boosting user satisfaction and retention. A smooth start reduces viewer likelihood of abandoning a video.
    Compare SPSR across servers or regions to pinpoint areas needing improvement, thereby enhancing overall service quality.
  • SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) Protocol integration + monitoring capability
  • Constant UI improvements that enhance UX
  • massive API Utility growth (more routes, more possible breakdown terms and new metrics)
  • … and more to come very soon!

nanoStream 2024: Real-Time Video That Simply Works

“A great interactive live experience is not only about video tech – you need to orchestrate, deploy, maintain and support your application at a global scale with a high quality of service.”​

With our 2024 release, we’ve made some important enhancements to our platform, ensuring your service stays smooth and future-proof. As your streaming partner, we keep up with the latest technology and trends, providing you with increased reliability and stability so you can have peace of mind knowing your streams will always work.

With over 25 years in the AV market and our pioneering efforts in ultra-low latency streaming, we’re dedicated to making sure you can focus on your business, not worrying about complex and time-consuming tech choices. Our continuous improvements and the latest updates are all about delivering the highest quality interactive experiences for your audience.

Got questions about our approach and its value? Check out our in-depth article on the hidden work and costs of building a live streaming platform.

Stay tuned for more improvements and updates throughout the year. We hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows!

Enjoy streaming and grow your business with nanoStream!

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