nanoStream Webcaster Client 6.1.0

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Release Notes

We’re excited to introduce nanoStream Webcaster 6.1.0, a significant update designed to enhance your media streaming projects with improved reliability, flexibility, and ease of use. We highly recommend migrating to version 6.x from version 5.x. Upgrading to v6.1.0 ensures access to the latest features, fixes, and support. As we continue to innovate and improve the Webcaster version 6, version 5.x will eventually be deprecated.

 🪄 Improved

  •  Feature Auto-Reconnection to ensure uninterrupted streaming, version 6 of the Webcaster now includes auto-reconnection capabilities, making your streams more resilient to network disruptions.

🚀 Fixed

  • We’ve addressed an issue where calling dispose() could fail.
  • Initially disabled/muted tracks of MediaStreams are no longer automatically re-enabled by the SDK.
  • The `isMuted` method now accurately reflects the actual mute status

Interested in exploring WHIP? We invite you to contact our team for detailed guidelines and helpful references. Our experts are ready to assist you in getting started. 

✏️ Documentation and Resources 

  • Migration Guide: For users migrating from nanoStream Webcaster v5 to v6, we have a comprehensive guide to ensure a smooth transition. 
  • New Users: If you’re starting with Webcaster V6, our introductory documentation will help you get up and running quickly. 
  • Download and Samples: Access the nanoStream Webcaster release package and explore various samples to get a feel for the new version’s capabilities. 
Downloads / SamplesDocumentation
Release Package Download V6.1.0Webcaster V6 Introduction
View SamplesMigration Guide

We are confident that nanoStream Webcaster will improve your real-time live streaming workflow. We eagerly await your feedback and success stories with this new release!