Smartfrog partners with nanocosmos for affordable home security

Smartfrog partnered with Nanocosmos to develop powerful IoT mobile live streaming apps using the nanoStream software developer kits for Android and iOS. The nanoStream Encoder and Player software guarantee reliable and secure transmission of high quality live streams.

Smartfrog is a tech company focused on the “Internet of Things”,  making everyday objects more intelligent and connected to the internet and enabling the user to access them from anywhere at any time. Smartfrog wants the latest technologies to be affordable and user-friendly, so that the everyday lives of their users become more comfortable, more efficient and more secure.


Smartfrog needed a secure live stream for its apps that allows them to operate 24/7, accessible on Android, iOS and across platforms. They were looking for a software provider that guarantees live video encoding and playback with low latency and the possibility to fully customize their product.

“Nanocosmos libraries are a crucial component of our mobile streaming solution. We appreciate the ease with which streams can be created and modified within the nanocosmos libraries“ says Dr. Christoph Kurpinski, Head of Products & Technology at Smartfrog.

The streams powered by the nanoStream software are reliable and secure both for voice and video, with low latency and high-quality images, based on their H264, AAC and RTMPS streaming formats.

Smartfrog offers an easy-to-install and affordable complete home security solution, so that users can always keep an eye on their home and business. The package starts at €5.95 (£4.95 / US$7.45) per month, with no minimum contract period. Through the Smartfrog app, users can manage up to ten cameras, a Smartfrog Cam and video storage enables plugin-free browser based broadcasting enables plugin-free video broadcasting directly through the browser and is a great extension to the cross platform nanoStream SDK product line. Based on a HTML/Javascript client, the technology runs on WebRTC-compatible browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, and is planned for Microsoft Edge.

Experience plugin-free live video technology with nanoStream! is available without previous installation and supports H.264 codec passthrough streaming for reduced server load and better scalability for high numbers of concurrent broadcasters for video webcasting services. The software guarantees secure streaming through the server or your own server. Our client software enables easy integration of the software into your webpage. Continue reading enables plugin-free browser based broadcasting

Collaboration with nanoStream WebRTC: secure and high quality video-based collaboration in real-time

Nanocosmos’ new WebRTC server and client toolkits make in-house communication for corporates and institutions easier, more effective and safe. WebRTC, or Web Real Time Communication, enables plugin-free video broadcast and video chat communication through the browser. No new app installation necessary, no download – a simple but secure browser-based application, with a user interface that can be customized to suit your corporate environment.

WebRTC Communications neu

Continue reading Collaboration with nanoStream WebRTC: secure and high quality video-based collaboration in real-time

Professional Recording Services for Universities by tele-TASK and nanoStream

Using the nanoStream Windows SDK, tele-TASK provides universities worldwide with a complete distance learning solution in a suitcase. tele-TASK is a portable recording system for the university environment, built at the Hasso Plattner Institute for IT Systems Engineering in Potsdam, Germany.


The recording workflow with tele-TASK and the nanoStream software. Continue reading Professional Recording Services for Universities by tele-TASK and nanoStream

Updated support for external cameras: DJI OSMO

Stream with high quality HD cameras like a pro with your iOS device and nanoStream!

nanoStream now supports live streaming directly from top quality OSMO cameras by  DJI. Record videos in excellent quality on the go, while on outdoor excursions or traveling and stream them live with the nanoStream app or SDK for iOS
Use the DJI OSMO camera as a stable professional camera device.
The camera can be used as a static camera with a mount, or a
“steadycam” with built-in gyro stabilization. Or connect OSMO to a drone and produce beautiful videos from bird’s-eye view.

The  videos can be instantly streamed in high quality and low latency thanks to the software expertise provided by nanocosmos.  Share them on your social network, live on your website or app!


This video compiles the high quality shots produced with the DJI OSMO. Here’s a review of the OSMO used as an on-the-go addition to your iOS mobile device.

Get the newest nanoStream SDK for iOS today!

Read more use cases of the nanoStream technology here. We also support GoPro cameras and Parrot Drones for active live streaming projects.

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