2018 Review: Best of Interactive Live Streaming with nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player

2018 was a year of great discoveries.

In our 20th founding anniversary, we’ve seen nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player take off, and enable several new interactive use cases that we have never imagined before. We have released new versions of H5Live Player, expanded our global CDN footprint, enabled social media live share with nanoStream Apps and SDKs, and improved nanoStream WebRTC.live. We have started the introduction of nanoStream Cloud Analytics and H5Live Metrics for better insights and QoS. We attended the biggest trade shows around the world, and met customers and partners for great discussions in shows such as IBC, StreamingMedia East and West, Broadcast Asia, ICE, G2E and many more. We have joined important roundtables and panels to discuss the future of live streaming. We have launched our own Youtube channel. We saw our team grow, and we have even moved into a brand new office!

nanocosmos generally had a blast!

Looking back at 2018, we are encouraged to have so many new customers engaged with their audiences in ultra-low latency on any device with nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player.

How about having a quick review of our most important accomplishments in 2018?

nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player have enabled new use cases

Several new use cases came up thanks to interactive live streaming technology, and nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player definitely played an important role on that! Have a look on some of the use cases we have worked with in 2018:

  • iGaming: live casinos, sports betting, trivia and online games
  • Live Auctions
  • Webcasts
  • Retail and Live Shopping
  • Fans Engagement
  • Security and Monitoring
  • First Responders
  • Entertainment

nanoStream Cloud global ULL CDN has expanded to Asia

As our customers go more and more global, we also have to go. Our global ULL CDN keeps growing, and in 2018 we have added new servers in Asia! With nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player you can go live around the world in 1 second! Read more about our ULL CDN.

nanocosmos attended the most important events worldwide

Going global also means going to several places ourselves! We have attended many shows this year around the world, and met customers and partners for great discussions! 2018 was definitely a traveling year, full of very rich intercultural experiences!

nanoStream WebRTC.live has become a reference for plugin-free live encoding

Combined with nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player, nanoStream WebRTC.live enables a plugin-free end-to-end live streaming workflow. In 2018 we saw several businesses choosing our complete solution to avoid mix and match of technologies and achieve the best latency results, entirely plugin-free!

nanocosmos has partnered with Healthy Seas to clean up the ocean

By 2050, there is going to be more plastic in the ocean than fish. That’s why nanocosmos was pleased to partner with Healthy Seas and Pierre-Yves Cousteau to help cleaning the ocean in a great operation in Greece.

nanocosmos has been named to important industry awards

Due to our unique nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player, we have been nominated to Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Awards both in Europe and in the USA. We have also been names one of the most influential companies lightning up the online video industry!

nanoStream Cloud Analytics and H5Live Metrics are on their way

We have started, and we are now testing our brand new nanoStream Cloud Analytics and H5Live Metrics for better workflow insights and QoS. We can’t wait to show you all.

nanocosmos has joined SRT Alliance

As part of our overall strategy to enable high quality interactive live streaming experiences for business clients on a global scale, we have joined SRT Alliance in 2018.

nanotube is now live!

We have launched our youtube channel, with videos from events we attend, product updates, interviews and much more!

Oliver Lietz, nanocosmos CEO, has spoken in important events about interactive live streaming

We have attended several discussions about live streaming, and Oliver Lietz has shared his expertise and insights about interactive live streaming with ultra-low latency.

It was indeed a fabulous year! We would like to thank all our customers, partners, and supporters for the great results! 2019 is coming and we will keep working to enable the best interactive live streaming experience to engage audiences worldwide with ultra-low latency on any device, with nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player, of course!

Keep up with our blog because we are excited to share with you all the new things coming up in 2019!

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Happy Holidays!

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