Develop your Custom Live Streaming Application with nanocosmos

Live streaming from drones with nanoStream Apps

You have a great idea for a live streaming application connecting people around the world, but you don’t know where to start?

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Tele Health Apps with nanoStream

With the help of nanoStream’s video collaboration software, tele health enterprises connect patients and doctors in live video consultations.

Virtual medical consultations reach their limits when patients need the physical examination of medical personnel. But they are a necessary technical improvement for patients who are living in remote areas, have chronic illnesses or are seeking a second medical opinion.

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Use Case: Live Streaming from Drones helps Search & Rescue Operations with DroneSAR

People in emergency situations rely on fast help. Live video streaming technology can accelerate the rescue process by sending images video live video from the area of danger immediately, from the most remote places.

See how our partner DroneSAR is using Live Video Streaming from Drones and Mobile Phones for Search & Rescue applications for the Irish Donegal Mountain Rescue.


dronesar1Read the report in Irish News

Humanitarian organisations, such as the UNHCR, Firefighters, other First Responders, and medical professionals around the world are resolving to live streaming technology for safe, stable, and fast communication in situations of emergency. Continue reading “Use Case: Live Streaming from Drones helps Search & Rescue Operations with DroneSAR”