Tele Health Apps with nanoStream

With the help of nanoStream’s video collaboration software, tele health enterprises connect patients and doctors in live video consultations.

Virtual medical consultations reach their limits when patients need the physical examination of medical personnel. But they are a necessary technical improvement for patients who are living in remote areas, have chronic illnesses or are seeking a second medical opinion.

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Use Case: Chess World Championship

The World Chess Championships ended this Wednesday after 19 days, 12 long games and a tiebreaker session of four games. Magnus Carlsen won, confering him the title of World Champion the third year in a row.

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My First 360-VR-Selfie Mobile Livestream to nanoStream Cloud

Watch this selfie VR 360 Video which was created as a live stream to our nanoStream Cloud.

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Use Case: Live Streaming from Drones helps Search & Rescue Operations with DroneSAR

People in emergency situations rely on fast help. Live video streaming technology can accelerate the rescue process by sending images video live video from the area of danger immediately, from the most remote places.

See how our partner DroneSAR is using Live Video Streaming from Drones and Mobile Phones for Search & Rescue applications for the Irish Donegal Mountain Rescue.


dronesar1Read the report in Irish News

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Use Case: Hauppauge – Stream-Eez Pro

Hauppauge has a long tradition specializing in TV tuners and data broadcast products. Live video streaming has become an important tool for offices, university campuses, and other event organizers, who want to increase their outreach. In these places, video broadcasts have to be set up easily and guarantee secure transmission of the stream.

Hauppauge partnered with nanoStream to enable easy, secure event live streaming with ultra-low latency for large audiences. The Hauppauge StreamEez-Pro is a video encoder that connects to any HDMI high definition camera. It is a great live streaming tool for on-premise installation for any use case that requires the use of local servers. Users can stream church events, school sport meets, local school board meetings, town hall meetings and any other live event.

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