nanoStream H5Live.

Live Video Streaming with your brand.
Live Encoding, Streaming and Playback. End-to-End.

nanoStream H5Live.

HTML5 Live Video Player
Plugin-free and low latency

    Plugin-Free Live Video Player with Low Latency

    nanoStream H5Live Player

    The H5Live client-server playback solution is perfect for interactive live streaming use cases that require low latency.
    With a latency around 1 second, it is a faster, plugin-free replacement for RTMP/Flash player infrastructures which works on any browser, including Safari on iOS10.
    H5Live can be licensed as an installable server with a plugin-free HTML5 client, or cloud-based including a low-latency CDN for worldwide low-latency playback.
    Customer use cases are applications for sports, entertainment, gambling, auctions, enterprise webcasts, and many more.
    Pricing & Purchase options...

    nanoStream H5Live Player

    • Easy to use and integrate
    • Plugin-free on all browsers
    • Lowest latency: 1 sec. and less!
    • Cloud-Based or On-Premise
    • Light-weight and scalable
    • Cross-Platform, incl. iOS
    • Flexible HTML/JS API
    • Replaces Flash Player
    • Reliable Support
    • Easy to integrate

    Try H5Live Low Latency Playback!

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    This demo supports any RTMP live stream with H264 video and AAC audio. It uses our nanoStream Cloud with a worldwide CDN.
    NOTE: This demo is using our demo infrastructure. We may provide a specific configuration and fine tuning for you based on your requirements. Please get in touch with us - we can work with you on an ideal setup for your use case.

    Would you like to embed the player on your own web page? Contact us!

    Don’t have a running live stream and server yet?
    Stream via the nanoStream Cloud or Server.
    Register with and start streaming live.
    Read the Tutorial.
    Download & Try nanoStream SDK or App for your own branded streaming software.


    All nanoStream products can be combined with our nanoStream SDKs and end-to-end nanoStream Cloud & stream management service.
    Run true plugin-free, web-based live video streaming applications with our solution.

    End-to-end solution by nanoStream


    nanoStream H5Live Player Software & Streaming Packages

    Our pricing and licensing for nanoStream H5Live Low Latency Playback software and services.

    There are 2 license models available:
  • nanoStream Cloud with H5Live playback, based on streaming traffic volume
  • H5Live server for on-premise installations
  • Cloud Starter

    €99 Per Month

    • 100GB Bandwidth
    • 300Streaming Hours
      (20c / add.GB)
    • HTML5/RTMPLive Playback
    • 100Concurrent Players
    • Optional:
      Worldwide CDN

    Cloud Pro

    €199 Per Month

    • 500GB Bandwidth
    • 1500Streaming Hours
      (20c / add.GB)
    • HTML5/RTMPLive Playback
    • 500 Concurrent Players
    • Worldwide CDN
      for large audiences

    H5Live Server

    €149 Per Month

    • €750Setup Fee
    • Unlimited Streaming Hours
    • HTML5/RTMPLive Playback
    • UnlimitedPlayers
    • Single Server
      installation on-premise
    • including setup support


    Ask For Pricing

    • FlexibleSetup
    • Unlimited Streaming Hours
    • HTML5/RTMPLive Playback
    • UnlimitedPlayers
    • CustomConfiguration
    • On-premise or CDN
      Consulting & Development


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