nanoStream H5Live.

Live Video Streaming for your brand.
Live Video Playback with Ultra-Low-Latency

nanoStream H5Live.

Instant Live Video Streaming for your brand.
Live Video Playback with Ultra-Low-Latency

Plugin-Free Live Video Player with Low Latency

nanoStream H5Live Player

The H5Live client-server playback solution is perfect for interactive live streaming use cases that require low latency.
With a latency around 1 second, it is a faster, plugin-free replacement for RTMP/Flash player infrastructures which works on any browser, including Safari on iOS.
H5Live is part of nanoStream Cloud, the ultra-low-latency live streaming CDN for instant live streaming around the world in 1 second! Self-service and enterprise custom packages are available.
H5Live contains of a server and a client part. The client is a light-weight Javascript code which you can easily embed on your own web page on all devices!
Customer use cases are applications for sports, entertainment, gambling, auctions, enterprise webcasts, and many more.
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nanoStream H5Live Player

  • Easy to use and integrate
  • Plugin-free on all browsers
  • Lowest latency: 1 sec. and less!
  • Cloud-Based or On-Premise
  • Light-weight and scalable
  • Cross-Platform, incl. iOS
  • Flexible HTML/JS API
  • Replaces Flash Player
  • Reliable Support
  • Easy to integrate

Try nanoStream H5Live Player low latency playback!

Note: For this demo you need to have a running rtmp live encoder and a rtmp server which we pull your stream from. To use all features and functions and send a live stream from your own live encoder directly to us, use the full nanoStream Cloud demo! If you are using nanoStream Cloud already, you can enter your playback stream URL and stream name here.
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This demo supports any RTMP live stream with H264 video and AAC audio. It uses our nanoStream Cloud with a worldwide CDN.
NOTE: This demo is using our demo infrastructure. We may provide a specific configuration and fine tuning for you based on your requirements. Please get in touch with us - we can work with you on an ideal setup for your use case.

Would you like to embed the player on your own web page? Contact us!

More Information

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    Don’t have a running live stream and server yet?
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    All nanoStream products can be combined with our nanoStream SDKs and end-to-end nanoStream Cloud & stream management service.
    Run true plugin-free, web-based live video streaming applications with our nanoStream Broadcaster solution.

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