Live Video Streaming Software with your brand.
Live Encoding, Streaming and Playback. End-to-End.


Live Video Streaming Software and Services with your brand.
Live Encoding, Streaming and Playback. End-to-End.

Live Streaming Products

nanoStream Cloud - Live Video Streaming Software

End-to-end Live Streaming for your Brand. Cross-platform. Low Latency.

Encoding, Streaming, Playback

Create your own live streaming application for your brand with high quality nanoStream software products - or integrate them into your existing live streaming infrastructure. Our low latency live streaming and communication products enable fast custom-made or native application for cross-platform interactive live video streaming.

Browser-based Apps, Mobile Live Streaming Solutions and Custom Developments

  • Browser-based apps: Create fast interactive apps with our plugin-free software and the unique low latency H5Live Player. Enable real-time live video encoding and playback directly through the browser. Cross-platform compatibility for all browsers.

  • Mobile and Desktop apps: Develop high quality mobile live streaming apps with the nanoStream SDKs and Apps. All products ensure low latency with H.264/AAC/RTMP encoding & streaming. Cross-platform compatibility (iOS/Android, Win/Mac).

  • Custom development: Combine nanoStream products for custom solutions for live video encoding, streaming, and playback. We ensure close cooperation with each client for fast development and offer custom solutions. Our team is experienced developing custom apps for brands. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

nanoStream Cloud

For easy integration of interactive live streaming applications, use the nanoStream Cloud - including the nanoStream Cloud / streaming management service. You can also bring your own server or CDN.

nanoStream Server Products for On-Premise Installation

For your own infrastructure, enterprise environments or CDNs, use the nanoStream Server Products for live streaming with WebRTC, RTMP, HLS, DASH, H5Live

About the Company

nanocosmos is an award-winning partner for businesses and software developers, named one of Europe’s most innovative companies in live video. Find out how our partners and customers use nanoStream products for effective live video streaming applications!

Download & Try nanoStream Toolkits and Apps for Live Encoding & Playback

for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Browsers.

All nanoStream products now enabled for end-to-end nanoStream Cloud & streaming service.
Check out our combined end-to-end offering!

Encoding - Streaming - Playback

Live Encoding & Playback

nanoStream Toolkits

Live video encoding and player software for complete end-to-end streaming solutions. Instant live streaming with low latency. Get your nanoStream SDK or Cross-platform App and start live video streaming for your business today. Or let us make a private-label app for you. Available on any platform.
Download & Try

  • Easy to use and integrate
  • High quality live video
  • Encoding, Streaming, Playback
  • nanoStream Cloud or your servers
  • Cross-platform
  • Flexible high level SDK and APIs
  • broadcast options (UDP, MXF, ...)
  • Reliable Support
All nanoStream products now enabled for end-to-end nanoStream Cloud & stream management service. You can also bring your own server or CDN.
nanoStream features and functions

Download & Try nanoStream Software

True cross-platform for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Browsers.


nanoStream WebRTC Video Communication in Real Time.

Try our WebRTC Toolkit - for plugin-free web based video communication and broadcast.

The client and server software allows companies to securely engage in video chats and conferences with employees and customers. Use it to join meetings at a distance or broadcast your company event, webinar or trainings. It is browser-based, fast, and secure. Integrate into RTMP and CDN streaming environments! (Web Real Time Communication)

Connect Web clients plugin-free to streaming broadcasts, RTMP, HLS or CDN.
Let us help you getting your business or enterprise environment integrated.
Integrates with our new nanoStream Cloud and API, or your own streaming servers or CDN. Complete apps or sample code for customization available.
Get started with and try our free demo!
More info about customer use cases in our blog.

nanoStream H5Live Player

  • Easy to use and integrate
  • Plugin-free on all browsers
  • Lowest latency (0.5-2 seconds)!
  • cloud-based or on-premise
  • Cross-platform
  • Flexible HTML/JS API
  • Flash,HLS,DASH Fallback
  • Reliable Support
Plugin-Free Live Video Player with Low Latency

nanoStream H5Live Player

The lowest latency replacement for Flash players

nanoStream H5Live Player is the perfect playback solution for live video streaming in HTML5 web browsers. Low latency live streaming (0.5-2 seconds end-to-end) and a future-proof, plugin-free implementation enables a lot of exciting use cases.
H5Live runs on any platform and is a great replacement for existing Flash players based on RTMP.
H5Live is a client/server solution based on the HTML5 Client and the H5Live Server. It is working similarly to MPEG DASH but keeps end-to-end latency below 1-2 seconds.
Use our nanoStream cloud to start immediately, or install our H5Live server in your live video streaming server architecture. Use our light-weight HTML5 H5Live browser client with HTML and JS.
Connect to any RTMP live stream from your existing live streaming workflow, or create a complete end-to-end live streaming solution from a camera or screen with nanoStream software services.
Play your live video plugin free in any brower on any device in low latency, including iOS10.

Download & Try H5Live

True cross-platform for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS Browsers.


Explore nanoStream

Experience and explore our nanoStream Mobile, Browser and Desktop Apps. Easy to customize, and private label.


iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Browsers (Plugin & WebRTC)

Mobile Apps and SDK

Broadcast from iOS or Android for user generated content.

Desktop SDKs

Windows, MacOS, for user generated live video, and professional broadcast.

Instant Live Streaming

Simple UI with 1-button recording

Professional Broadcast

Broadcast setups with direct RTMP/HLS ingest to CDN

Customization & Support

Manage complex broadcasting and streaming setups.


Useful Benefits

Easily create your own high quality end-to-end live streaming solutions or apps.

Cross-platform Live Video

Inhouse-developed Apps and SDKs. For iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, and cross-platform browsers.

High Quality Live Video&Audio

H264, AAC, RTMP, UDP, RTSP, WebRTC APIs for Your Apps. Adaptive Bitrate with Low latency

End-to-end live streaming

Best possible end-to-end user experience based on our new nanoStream Cloud services. Or bring your own streaming server or CDN.

Pro Add-ons

Portrait (Vertical) and Landscape Video, Live Meta Data, Overlays, Rotation, Multicast, MXF/Broadcast, low level codec SDKs

Private Label Apps and SDK

Use our Apps, use private-label version, or create your own app.

Pro Support

High quality support and consulting services

nanoStream product features

Here you find an overview over our nanoStream products.
Please get in touch with us to get a price quote.
Desktop Web Mobile
Licenses & Platforms Win Mac Win Mac iOS Android
App and SDK Available for Licensing and Redistribution check check check check check check
Yearly License including updates and support check check check check check check
Premium Support (Price per year) - support, betas, quicker reaction dot dot dot dot dot dot
Custom Development / Rebranding / White Label dot dot dot dot dot dot
API for developers or Web Integrators check check check check check check
Redistribution of custom application possible check check check check check check
nanoStream Features
Desktop App / Graphical Interface check check        
Command Line App with XML config interface check check        
Load / Save XML Profile check check check check    
Web App + Browser Plugin with HTML / JavaScript API     check check    
Mobile Encoder App and SDK for iOS / Android         check check
Codec Formats (Encoder & Decoder) Win Mac Win Mac iOS Android
H264 Software Codec check check check check    
H264 Hardware Codec ( Intel Quicksync / HD Graphics ) check   check      
H264 Hardware Codec ( CUDA / NVIDIA ) dot   dot      
H264 Hardware Codec ( Device / Built-in )         check check
H265 dot   dot      
VP8 / VP9     dot dot    
MPEG-2 dot   dot      
WMV / WebM dot   dot      
Output Formats (Streaming and File Recording) Win Mac Win Mac iOS Android
RTMP Streaming, including Authentication to CDN check check check check check check
RTMPT ( Tunneling, Firewall Traversal, Proxy Detection ) check check check check check check
Adaptive Rate Control, Automatic Reconnect, 24 / 7 Operation check check check check check check
Streaming to backup URL or local file check check check check check check
Multi-Bitrate / Multi-Format-Encoder check   check   check  
MP4 File Writer / Archiving, including segmented writing check check check check    
MPEG-TS Writer dot   dot      
RTSP Streaming dot dot dot dot    
UDP-TS Streaming dot   dot      
WMV ( WindowsMedia ), WebM dot   dot      
HLS Streaming dot   dot      
Video Input Formats & Effects
Full HD compatible to HDMI and SDI devices check check check check    
Video Bitmap Overlays (static and dynamic over http) check check   check check dot
Live Switch ( multiple sources, video mixing, picture-in-picture ) check   check      
Screen Sharing including regions, overlapped windows check dot check dot   dot
Studio and Broadcast Formats (and other Features)
MXF File Reader / Writer / Multiplexer dot   dot      
XDCAM HD422, DVCPRO Codecs ( DirectShow / QuickTime ) dot   dot      
3D Stereoscopic Encoding ( side-by-side, interlaced, anaglyph ) dot dot dot dot    
File Readers and Decoders ( MXF, H264, MPEG, IMX, etc. ) dot   dot      
Native RTMP playback API / H264 decoding check check check check
Web based player support ( JW player, etc ) check check check check check check
Native Mobile Player support check check check check check check
Custom Player / Multiview / 3D dot dot dot dot dot dot
nanoStream Cloud / Streaming Service
Stream management with REST API dot dot dot dot dot dot
Streaming Service Back-end dot dot dot dot dot dot
Complete end-to-end solution dot dot dot dot dot dot
Table Key
  dot New Feature check Included dot Add-on

High Quality

Successful live video

Pro Support

Professional support

Fast Success

Easy integration into custom business environments


nanoStream Packages

Our flexible pricing and licensing for nanoStream live video software and services.
All products including updates and support for your future-proof reliable operations.

nanoStream Software

199 Starting Per Month per OS

  • nanoStream software (SDK/Apps)
  • nanoStream Cloud & streaming services
  • or bring your own Server (on-premise) for 3 months development and pre-production
  • Updates & Support

14 Days free Trial

End-to-end live streaming

199 Starting Per Month
including traffic

  • nanoStream software (SDK/Apps)
  • nanoStream Cloud & streaming services
  • streaming, management & API
  • Updates & Support

Free Trial


Ask For Pricing & Advice

    nanoStream software
  • Codec packages (H264/RTMP/MXF etc)
  • Your server - on-premise or
  • Consulting and software development
  • Custom configurations
Special Pricing possible

nanocosmos Team

Meet our team online, face-to-face in Skype or our WebRTC chat room, or in person in Berlin or at any trade show or exhibition.
We are usually at IBC, NAB, StreamingMedia, MWC, IfA, or other events.
Oliver Lietz
Oliver Lietz
Founder & CEO
Chris Strijbosch
Business Development
Bettina Lietz
Executive Assistant
Nazif Dindar
Customer Accounts & Sales
CTO / Lead Developer

Amazing Journey

nanocosmos started 1998 as a software engineering company and technology partner for leading market players in the video and broadcast industry, and is now offering license products to professional customers worldwide. The nanoStream product was first marketed in 2009 complementing the codec products with a high level encoding and streaming API, for desktop and browser applications. Long-term partnerships with close customer relation, support and consulting services are a decisive part of our offering.

  • 1998
    nanocosmos has partnered with research activities at the Fraunhofer / Heinrich Hertz Institute to develop high quality such as the MPEG-SoftEngine for HD MPEG2 compression, and 4Stream/4Code for MPEG-4 compression.
  • 2001
    MPEG Realtime Encoding and Editing. Major OEM deals with digital video product vendors, Hauppauge, Roxio
  • 2005
    Technology Upgrades: H264, MXF, Dome Cinema
  • 2009
    nanoStream SDK 1.0, Apps, SDK and Browser Plugins for Windows, for live streaming to RTMP Servers
  • 2010
    Showed Live 3D Stereoscopic Streaming at CeBit
  • 2013
    nanoStream Apps and SDK for iOS. End-to-end live video. Large license accounts. Stringwire, NBC Universal.
  • 2014
    nanoStream Apps and SDK for Android. WebRTC Client & Transcoder Server for VP8/VP9 to RTMP and HLS.
  • 2015
    Showed Live Streaming with iOS from GoPro and Flying Drones at IBC Amsterdam and NAB Las Vegas
  • 2016
    nanoStream Cloud with streaming service improves end-to-end live streaming experience
  • 2016
    nanoPlayer with H5Live technology for low-latency HTML5 live streaming
  • 2017
    nanoStream Cloud and CDN for ultra-low-latency live streaming worldwide

Happy Customers

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