Tutorial – How To Setup Optimal Latency Modes for Streaming

Selecting the latency mode for your live stream

In the fast-paced world of live streaming, achieving the lowest latency is vital for seamless interactions. That’s why with the new nanoStream H5Live Player Version 4.14.x we bring you two new latency control modes, designed to take your streaming experience to the next level.

With the newly added playback.latencyControlMode configuration parameter, you gain complete control over your latency settings. While the classic mode remains the default option, nanoStream Player now introduces two alternatives: balancedadaptive and fastadaptive. According to the current stream and network conditions they can adjust the latency adaptively. This allows to achieve a lower latency while keeping the playback experience smooth.

Watch the tutorial below to learn how to select the best latency mode for your application!


To learn more details on how to setup optimal latency with nanoStream Cloud, please visit our documentation.

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Happy Streaming!