Tutorial – How To Setup Stream Groups

Stream Group Configuration: Within the player configuration it is now possible to configure an entire set of ABR streams by passing only the corresponding bintu Stream Group ID via the player source configuration. Use your account or continue using the test account to setup groups that come in handy when the configuration for ABR playback is done.

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With the new release 2022 customers can manage their live transcoded streams with a new function called Stream Grouping, but also access the passthrough stream and live transcoded streams with different video quality levels.

Adaptive Bitrate Playback and Live Transcoding are critical features for smooth playback on all devices for any network in any region. The ABR stream automatically adjusts to the best quality for the available network while the live transcoder converts the original live stream from a high-quality input stream into lower bitrate streams depending on the available bandwidth which is particularly important for on-the-go access via mobile. This article with its linked demo introduced ABR and Live Transcoding for interactive live streaming with nanoStream Cloud: A New Major Milestone: nanoStream Cloud 2020.09

Our latest release update and information about all areas of nanoStream Cloud can be found here, on our blog.

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