Tutorial: How To Set Up A Low Latency Stream with nanoStream Cloud

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You can try it in the real environment with a free test account. Here we touch base on several topics that tie into setting up a live stream with nanoStream Cloud such as the Dashboard, custom tags or the webcaster:

    • The Dashboard supports an intuitive experience and is THE starting point to administer streams and get access to related information such as metrics, organisation, secure playback tokens. This type of stream management is essential to grant access to the variety of areas that are important for interactive streaming. It is compatible with all browsers and devices, allows instant and easy stream creation as well as access to Secure Playback Tokens. Here you can learn about the dashboard in more detail, explained step by step: nanoStream Cloud 2022 Dashboard.
    • Custom tags are a helpful tool to organize streams and to save time when searching streams.To find streams using their assigned tags, click on Streams in the menu bar on the left side of the page. Additional information can be found in our documentation: nanoStream Cloud Tags.
    • The Webcaster is an online application that allows you to stream directly from your browser including seamless stream switching (multi-cam or screen input, stream output). Check out our documentation for additional details: nanoStream Webcaster.

More details, explained step by step

nanoStream Cloud Documentation: How to Start a Stream

Happy Streaming!

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