H5Live: Interactive Live Streaming with Low Latency

If your auction is streamed live, potential customers can bid for their products worldwide, wherever they are. But the streaming conditions matter: latency – the time it takes for a video frame to reach the viewer from the camera – has to stay within a very low time frame, otherwise the bid is not legally binding.


For an interactive use case such as live auctions or betting, the latency should be as low as 1-2 seconds to comply with the regulations. With the nanoStream WebRTC.live browser-based encoder and the H5Live Player, latency around 1 second and a worldwide stable streaming distribution is possible.

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Our customers create various use cases using our nanoStream mobile SDKs, nanoStream WebRTC and H5Live Player:

  • outdoor live real estate auctions
  • indoor studio auctions
  • online sports betting and gambling.

Keeping low latency in live streaming has become difficult due to the discontinuation of Flash-based players. The RTMP protocol of Flash-based players allowed a latency of under 2 seconds. But its most common replacement, HLS and DASH, can only achieve latency of 10 – 30 seconds.

The nanoStream H5Live Player enables latency as low as 1 second, all without any installations or plugins needed. The H5Live Player lets you play live streams directly from any browser including Safari in iOS10.

It might seem daunting to get a live streaming setup going: managing multiple incoming and outgoing streams, communicating with users, scaling streams according to network circumstances and geographical location. But nanocosmos is helping with the nanoStream Cloud, customized server-based solutions and expert support to ensure a live streaming infrastructure that is easy to install and works – from the camera to the viewer.


The live streaming infrastructure offered by nanoStream supports indoor and outdoor auction settings. To truly reach a global audience with diverging network conditions, the streaming software and infrastructure has to be adaptable to these conditions and allow stable streaming in many situations, whether on mobile or desktop devices.

The nanoStream H5Live Server and Player can be licensed as a cloud-based solution, which includes our nanoStream RTMP server and the bintu.live stream management platform. With bintu.live you can manage, tag and group streams. For instant, browser-based encoding, integrate nanoStream’s WebRTC.live encoder solutions which work from any device. And with the nanoStream Apps and SDKs, you can connect any camera and start streaming live – whether a drone, professional video equipment, smartphone, or GoPro.

Our end-to-end solution guarantees stable streaming for your customers, by allowing fallback on HLS and DASH in minor network conditions. With the nanoStream Cloud service and our partners we offer worldwide CDN deployment. nanoStream products can also be used on-premise, through custom installation on your servers.

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