Interactive Live Streaming with nanoStream Cloud: engage your audience globally in ultra-low latency

Have you been thinking about engaging your audience and creating more interactive live streaming experiences for your business?  We help you: nanoStream Cloud with the integrated H5Live Player is an ultra-low latency live streaming solution for interactive use cases where every second counts. Trivia Game Shows, Live Auctions, iGaming, Webcasts, Security and Monitoring, Live Shopping or even Fans Engagement, nanoStream Cloud and H5Live Player are the perfect fit to engage your global audience!

nanoStream Cloud with the integrated H5Live Player was developed to help you tackle the greatest challenges in interactive live streaming with ultra-low latency today:

  • Cross-platform approach: playback on any device and all HTML5 browsers, including Safari on iOS
  • Plugin-free: do not need to install additional software
  • Flash-free: provide something better than the legacy Flash technology
  • Seamless integration with existing RTPM (H.264/AAC) streaming infrastructures
  • Scalability to large audiences worldwide (ULL CDN)

For every type of interactive use case, nanoStream Cloud is a future-proof solution that enables live streaming businesses to promote unique ultra-low latency experiences. It is unique because nanoStream Cloud is the only live streaming service that counts on H5Live Player. H5Live is an exclusive technology developed by nanocosmos to enable ultra-low latency delivery and playback in a post-flash era, surrounded of different devices and browsers. You can learn more about latency and H5live here.

nanoStream Cloud with the integrated H5Live Player is available in two deployment options:

End-to-end solution: get your camera ready, and we do the rest! By adding one of or nanoStream Cloud Live Encoding Add-ons you will have a complete hassle-free solution. nanoStream is the perfect fit for an entire browser-based workflow replacing Flash-based Live Encoders, while nanoStream Apps and SDKs work for all operating systems.

ULL CDN: integrate nanoStream Cloud to your existing RTMP and third-party media server setup. nanoStream Cloud as ULL CDN is different than other live streaming CDNs. Besides having a global footprint, the ultra-low latency is guaranteed by the unique nanoStream Cloud including H5Live technology that will deliver your live streams to all HTML5 browsers and any device worldwide. Learn more about nanoStream Cloud as ULL CDN here.

nanoStream Cloud with the integrated H5Live Player is flexible and developed thinking of different interactive use cases, taking your live streams around the world in 1 second! nanoStream Cloud with the integrated H5Live Player is cross-platform and works on any HTML5 browser, including Safari on iOS. nanoStream Cloud has a global footprint with Points of Presence (PoPs) all over the world, taking your live streams worldwide to audiences of any size.

nanoStream Cloud is based on the dashboard and REST API to easily create and manage live streams to go instantly live. With nanoStream Cloud it is very easy to integrate into your own web pages and streaming environment!

What are you waiting for to take interactive live streaming to your business? Go live around the world in 1 second with nanoStream Cloud and H5Live Player!


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