Live Video Streaming with your brand.
Live Encoding, Streaming and Playback. End-to-End.


Live Video Broadcast and Communication
Plugin-free and low latency

    Plugin-Free Live Video Communication with Low Latency

    nanoStream Broadcaster

    The client-server solution is perfect for browser-based interactive live streaming use cases

    nanoStream broadcast

    • Easy to use and integrate
    • Plugin-free Live Encoder / broadcast
    • Lowest latency live encoding
    • Cloud-Based or On-Premise
    • Cross-Platform
    • Flexible HTML/JS API
    • Chat & Broadcast
    • Reliable Support

    More information

  • Blog Article: Interactive Live Streaming with Low Latency
  • Blog Article:
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    Read the Instructions. or the Guide.


    All nanoStream products can be combined with our nanoStream SDKs and end-to-end nanoStream Cloud & stream management service.
    For a perfect replacement for Flash-based players, try our nanoStream H5Live Player with latency as low as one second and plugin-free, browser-based playback.

  • Try now!

    This simple demo for plugin-free live broadcast shows how easy it is to send a live stream from your webcam within your browser to a large audience with low latency.

    Click on the image to start a broadcast with!

    This service may be used for evaluation only. You agree to our usage terms.
    The Webcaster connects to nanoStream Cloud for further low-latency distribution. The playback is done with our unique nanoStream H5Live Player which works on all browsers, including iOS

    Try chat!

    End-to-end solution by nanoStream


    nanoStream WebRTC Video Communication in Real Time.

    Try our solution - for plugin-free web based video communication and broadcast.

    The client and server software allows companies to securely engage in video chats and conferences with employees and customers. Use it to join meetings at a distance or broadcast your company event, webinar or trainings. It is browser-based, fast, and secure. Integrate into RTMP and CDN streaming environments! (Web Real Time Communication)

    Connect Web clients plugin-free to streaming broadcasts, RTMP, HLS or CDN.
    Let us help you getting your business or enterprise environment integrated.
    Integrates with our new streaming service, or your own streaming servers or CDN. Complete apps or sample code for customization available.
    Try now running through nanoStream Cloud!
    Contact us for more info or a quote.
    More info about customer use cases in our blog. - the plugin-free browser solution for live broadcast end-to-end! Support for VP8, VP9, H264 Transcoding and Streaming to RTMP, HLS and H5Live in Ultra-Low-Latency!.


    nanoStream Cloud / CDN

    nanoStream & Software & Streaming Packages

    nanoStream Cloud live video streaming software and services.
    nanoStream CDN and H5Live Delivery (nanoPlayer) included for ultra-low latency playback on all browsers.


    Starting from EUR €199 (USD $239) Per Month

      starter package
      nanoStream ULL CDN incl. H5Live
      incl. nanoPlayer
      incl. REST API
      incl. monitoring, failover
      incl. support
      incl. RTMP and Webcaster ingest
    • peak concurrent broadcasts
    • peak concurrent viewers
    • GB bandwidth
      / streaming hours
      / add.GB
    • Broadcast Options:
    • Standard Live Encoding
      e.g. OBS, VMix, Wirecast
    • nanoStream Webcaster (browser-based)

      Optional Add-ons:
    • Token Security
      nanoStream Apps / SDKs
      protocol upgrade (RTSP/SRT)
      live recording/VOD
      live transcoding
    Special configurations possible

    Starter Package

    EUR €199 (USD $239) Per Month

      nanoStream Cloud "starter"
    • 5 Broadcasts
    • 500 Viewers
    • 200 GB Data
      (~ 500 streaming hours)
      (12c / add.GB)
    • Broadcast Options:

    • WebRTC

      Optional Add-ons:
    • () Security
      () App/SDK
      () RTSP/SRT
      () VOD
      () Transcoding

    Medium Package

    EUR €499 (USD $599) Per Month

    • 10 broadcasts
    • 2500 viewers
    • 1000 GB data
      (~ 2000 hours)
      (8c / add.GB)
    • Broadcast Options:

    • WebRTC

      Optional Add-ons:
    • () Security
      () App/SDK
      () RTSP/SRT
      () VOD
      () Transcoding


    Ask For Pricing

    • nanoStream software
    • usage "unlimited"
      (cloud service & REST API)
      low-latency live streaming & playback, incl. H5Live
      or stream to your own server/CDN
    • Flexiblebroadcasts/players
    • Flexiblebandwidth
    • Flexiblestreaming hours
    • Flexiblefile storage
    • updates & support
    • WebRTC
      worldwide CDN for large distribution
    • private label / rebranding
    Consulting and Software Development possible.
    All plans include dashboard, stream management REST API, streaming service for H264/AAC/RTMP to our CDN, and nanoStream app usage. Special pricing is possible for latency and region requirements. Contact us for SDK access to create your own custom app or use our private label and development services!
    All pricing for German customers need to add +19% VAT (MwSt.)