Use Case: Hauppauge – Stream-Eez Pro

Hauppauge has a long tradition specializing in TV tuners and data broadcast products. Live video streaming has become an important tool for offices, university campuses, and other event organizers, who want to increase their outreach. In these places, video broadcasts have to be set up easily and guarantee secure transmission of the stream.

Hauppauge partnered with nanoStream to enable easy, secure event live streaming with ultra-low latency for large audiences. The Hauppauge StreamEez-Pro is a video encoder that connects to any HDMI high definition camera. It is a great live streaming tool for on-premise installation for any use case that requires the use of local servers. Users can stream church events, school sport meets, local school board meetings, town hall meetings and any other live event.

Use StreamEez-Pro with the nanoStream Server and nanoStream Cloud

The StreamEez-Pro connects to the nanoStream H5Live Server and delivers the live stream in high quality and low latency with the nanoStream H5Live Player. The video can be played back on any device.

How StreamEez-Pro works with the nanoStream H5Live Server:



The StreamEez-Pro video encoder easily connects to the nanoStream Server for on-premise installations, or the nanoStream Cloud to instantly go live with low latency. Low latency is guaranteed by the nanoStream server, which delivers an end-to-end latency of around 1 second. Both the nanoStream server and the nanoStream cloud service come with a plugin-free HTML5 player for mobile devices or desktop computers (PC or Mac).

nanoStream Server

The nanoStream Server consist of an RTMP server and the H5Live server for low-latency HTML5 browser playback.

nanoStream Cloud

The nanoStream Cloud enables high quality live streaming without the lengthy server installation process. Combine the nanoStream Cloud with the Hauppauge StreamEez-Pro to stream any event live from your premises, such as enterprise video webcasts, conferences, music, or church events.

The nanoStream Cloud includes the nanoStream RTMP and H5Live Server products, the easy-to-use stream management dashboard and REST API for instant live streaming, grouping and tagging.

The combination of the Hauppauge StreamEez-Pro high quality hardware encoder with the nanoStream Server or Cloud products brings you an end-to-end high quality, low latency live video experience.

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