Use Case: Chess World Championship

The World Chess Championships ended this Wednesday after 19 days, 12 long games and a tiebreaker session of four games. Magnus Carlsen won, confering him the title of World Champion the third year in a row.

If you couldn’t attend the Championship in New York, with tickets priced at 200$, chances are you followed the matches or commentary on a live stream produced by nanoStream customers, either within an app, or with our unique plugin-free H5Live playback technology for web browsers.

Low latency live streaming software and services by nanocosmos enable real-time viewing, so that the fast tiebreaker rounds could be watched with no delay. nanoStream products work on any device and cross-platform, so live streams can be watched from a laptop, tablet, or on your smartphone during the commute.

The live streaming applications transmit live videos of the players, in close-up or bird’s eye view, and the movement of the figures on the chessboard simultaneously.
Additionally, the tournament’s score is update live through metadata transmission with nanoStream’s streaming management software.

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