Streamlining Online Experiences

Interested in iGaming Live Streaming? Take a look at the latest article published by iGaming Business and learn more about live streaming your Live Casino, Betting and eSports content.

Live streaming is nothing new but the innovative solutions that surround it can revolutionise betting experiences, says Oliver Lietz.

Live video streaming enables a host of new business opportunities for igaming and has grown very quickly to become a major gaming segment. These days, more and more players demand and expect to be able to play securely online.

Gaming can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere – there is no need to go to a casino or a betting shop. Yet this experience can only be positive when the video technology can support the requirements. This is where nanocosmos, the backstage star of live video streaming, steps in. The company’s nanoStream Cloud product enables interactive live streaming thanks to something called ultra-low latency (ULL), which allows video images to reach the viewer in about a single second after they leave the camera. Live games, then, are delivered at an extremely quick rate around the globe.

nanocosmos is not a new name to the live streaming industry. The company has been in the business for more than 20 years, providing its services to a number of leading betting and live gaming companies.

Therefore, nanocosmos has the ‘proof in the pudding’ as our technology has already been in production for multiple years and is constantly being used. Furthermore, nanocosmos has been recognised as an industry leader in video streaming. This has been confirmed by industry networks such as Streaming Media, which rates us as one of the most influential companies in the online video space. Indeed, igaming customers who use nanoStream Cloud have proven to have increased their mobile business by over 50%.

What’s more, nanoStream Cloud is simple to integrate as a white label product. No additional streaming server or infrastructure is required. A live camera source can easily be connected to nanoStream Cloud.

Besides nanoStream H5Live Player, nanoStream Cloud also includes nanoStream ULL CDN, a global content delivery network for live video streams; and nanoStream analytics, which offers valuable data insights and improved quality of service. It is simplicity itself, secure and extremely fast thanks to the combination of software, cloud services and player that together shape a robust and easy-to-use live streaming solution.

The team at nanocosmos thus has a world of knowledge and is the right ‘supporting act’ to create all that is necessary for live streaming. Our company philosophy and steep growth path is based on the fact that we offer extremely fast and reliable live streaming services. We are an extremely customer-centric business, one that believes in creating long-term, trusting business relationships.

nanoStream Cloud is the ultimate solution, offering ultra-low latency that is critical for interactive live streaming, with a scalable CDN, analytics, and flexible player in one platform, all at an economical cost with no additional streaming servers or infrastructure required.

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