SBC Awards 2022 Nomination: Category Live Streaming Product / Supplier

The SBC Awards recognise and reward expertise and innovation in the betting and gaming industries and we are proud to announce that we have been nominated to be one of the best Live Streaming Suppliers with the outstanding performance of The New Generation of nanoStream Cloud.

The SBC Awards take place on September 22, 2022.

The New Generation of nanoStream Cloud covers interactive live streaming on any device, anywhere in the world and over any network including the nanoStream Player, the expanded global network (CDN), secure streaming, advanced analytics with new troubleshooting tools, 100% stability and reliability and more.


Recently nanocosmos announced the new release of nanoStream Cloud which not only reduces latency further to remain sub-second, but also takes it a step further and makes interactive live streaming about more than just latency. The approach integrates other elements that proved to be especially relevant during the time of increased virtual interaction like quality of service and quality of experience for end users, data driven streaming and streaming protection. nanoStream Cloud is the preferred choice for major live casinos and betting companies when it comes to ultra-low latency live streaming.


To help tackle the challenges around betting and streaming, we have prepared a super guide that can be downloaded here.