Next Generation Interactive Livestreaming: nanocosmos presents nanoStream Cloud at ICE London Apr 12-14, 2022

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nanocosmos presents nanoStream Cloud and its breakthrough innovations at ICE London 2022, Booth N5-124

Berlin, March 17, 2022

With the high demand for games that offer virtual interaction and global outreach and that are available for any device and browser, the interactive live streaming solution nanoStream Cloud hit major milestones. It serves the increasing requirements for operators of live casinos, online games, and betting and auction providers with the comprehensive live streaming platform and API. Since its last presence at ICE, nanocosmos upgraded the combination of global network (CDN), ultra-low latency player and analytics by launching technical advancements like Adaptive Bitrate Playback and Live Transcoding. Besides that, nanocosmos achieved the Streaming Media Award for the best corporate video platform in 2021.

At ICE London 2022, nanocosmos presents the new generation of nanoStream Cloud, featuring stream protection, extended analytics for improved Quality of Service and the new advanced nanoStream Player with further reduced latency, yet stability even for bad networks.

Technical Advancement: Stream Protection Launch

Since the demand for real-time live streaming platforms that enable interactivity on mobile devices started, nanocosmos has been heavily engaged serving igaming operators to enable audience engagement around the world. Next to the player with Adaptive Bitrate support to cover all network levels, a global CDN, and analytics to improve quality of service, nanocosmos makes content security and secure live streaming 2022’s top priorities for its product development. Stream protection against misuse is an integral part of nanoStream Cloud and creates added value to the ultra-low latency live streaming platform. It can detect streaming irregularities based on factors such as the time a game runs.

To avoid hijacking of streams the new security service included in nanoStream Cloud checks suspicious access and detects irregularities like usage and timing. nanoStream Cloud is created with security and encryption enabled by default. It supports secure access and REST APIs, content encryption, secure access with web hooks and token-based access for certain application scenarios.

Data-driven Live Streaming: Extended Analytics for business intelligence and improved QoS

To provide operators greater insight into their live streaming data and to allow them to make the right decisions quickly nanocosmos launched extended nanoStream Analytics, available as an ad-on of nanoStream Cloud. The new release covers a range of new features and improvements in regard to the client focused API that was introduced with nanoStream Analytics 2.11. For monitoring and alerting purposes, it is now possible to directly access metrics about the ingested video and audio bitrate. For the best quality of experience on the player side, the stability of the ingested stream is a critical factor. Significant fluctuations of the bitrate can be an indicator for an unstable stream. Further details can be found in the nanoStream Analytics documentation.

nanoStream Player: Ground-breaking advancements

Since the introduction of the nanoStream Cloud’s player with Adaptive Bitrate Playback and Live Transcoding, live games can be made available in ultra-low latency, regardless of the bandwidth available. With adaptive bitrate playback, the stream automatically adjusts to the best quality for the available network. The live transcoder converts the original live stream from a high-quality input stream into the different lower quality streams used depending on the bandwidth available. Unique is the product’s robust implementation, easy deployment and advanced technology for ultra-low latency playback that enables interactivity. Additionally introduced features of the nanoStream Player include a new user focused interface with a modern design as well as easy configuration.

Part of the significant improvements on the player’s side is the technology to further reduce latency and to further improve the overall quality of service as well as the quality of experience which now depends on use case and its specific set-up. The new player identifies the regularity of the stream and adapts its configuration according to the device and network environment. There will be different modes that can be used: The latency adjust mode or the latency control mode. Clients can use classic ultra-low latency or even take advantage of sub-second latency depending on their requirements.

Info Graphic: Interactive Livestreaming
Info Graphic: Interactive Livestreaming










About nanocosmos

nanocosmos is a Berlin-based company with more than two decades of experience in the audio/video industry. Their flagship product, nanoStream Cloud, is an industry reference for interactive live streaming with ultra-low latency on any device. nanocosmos has been trusted by major companies around the world to deliver interactive live streaming with ultra-low latency for several years, and with the addition of new products to their range, continue to stay on the cutting edge of video-streaming technology.


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