New: grouping and tagging feature for streams

How to group and tag your streams with the new stream management platform

nanoStream toolkits and apps let you adopt live streaming for your business endeavors with high quality live encoding and playback applications. Now our integrated stream management server gives you full control over your end-to-end live video streaming platform. works as a server and stream management platform: the live video streams run directly through our server or through your own server. But the platform also manages your streams and lets you easily create, start, group and tag live streams.

This last feature is very practical to present live streams from different cameras for one event. Create a tag for any event, search for the tag, and group all videos in a single screen.


How do’s grouping and tagging functions work?

Use our REST API to add your own stream tags and groups. See how it runs in our sample apps BintuEncoder and BintuPlayer available in our SDKs.

  • Enter tags in the BintuEncoder App:


Displayed on a browser-based stream management platform:


  • Search for the tag and group by tags in the BintuPlayer app:


  • The player is now ready to display several streams of the same event on one screen.

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