nanoStream Webcaster: interactive live streaming on any device


From Flash-free to plugin-free: live streaming to large audiences around the world in 1 second. How? nanoStream Webcaster for Live encoding and nanoStream Cloud incl. nanoStream H5Live for Playback. nanoStream Webcaster is the perfect scalable browser-based live encoding and broadcast/webcast solution for interactive live streaming applications with ultra-low latency. NanoStream Webcaster is plugin-free and available as a service or as an Add-on for nanoStream Cloud. For live playback, nanoStream Cloud contains the unique nanoStream H5Live Player for ultra-low latency browser playback on any device or HTML5 browser.

Using nanoStream Webcaster Broadcaster for interactive live streaming

Interactivity is probably one of the most wanted features of live streaming applications nowadays. It stands for ultra-low latency delivery and playback, making multi-directional communication and real-time feedback possible.
This sounds easier than it is: typical Live Streaming applications do not care about latency too much, and Video Communication applications completely based on the Webcaster do not scale well for large audiences on any device.
Technically, there are also differences between live encoding (sending a stream from a camera) and live delivery and playback (playing audiovisual content on any device).
NanoStream Webcaster is the perfect solution for browser-based live encoding. With the deprecation of the Flash technology, nanoStream Webcaster and nanoStream H5Live Player become important solutions for browser-based plugin-free streaming workflows.

interactive live streaming


nanoStream Webcaster as an Add-on for nanoStream Cloud including nanoStream H5Live Player

nanoStream Cloud including the unique nanoStream H5Live Player is a complete scalable live streaming solution for interactive use cases where every second counts. Learn more on nanoStream Cloud here. When combined with nanoStream Webcaster for live encoding, nanoStream Cloud becomes a true plugin-free browser-based end-to-end live streaming workflow allowing you to reach large audiences worldwide in all HTML5 browser on any desktop or mobile device, even Safari on iOS.

nanoStream Webcaster and nanoStream Cloud include unique  nanoStream H5Live Player features:

  • Live browser-based broadcast to large audiences
  • nanoStream Cloud with unique H5Live Player
  • Low-latency / plugin-free / HTML/Javascript clients
  • H.264 passthrough streaming, flexible bitrate configuration
  • Transcoding/Transmux from H.264/Opus to H264/AAC/RTMP / HLS / H5Live
  • Encrypted by default
  • plays on any HTML5 browser, including Safari on iOS workflow

Are you interested in the nanoStream Webcaster? Try this quick and simple test on our website and check by yourself how you can go live around the world in 1 second! demo Try the nanoStream Webcaster