nanoStream Cloud Dashboard v3.8.0.13

We are thrilled to bring you the latest enhancement – the integration of nanoStream Webcaster v6 into nanoStream Cloud Dashboard version!  🚀 With this update, you can initiate streaming directly from your browser and efficiently manage your streams from a centralized location, simplifying the process of real-time video streaming.

🚀 New

  • Webcaster Integration: Access the nanoStream Cloud Webcaster seamlessly as a component within your dashboard.
  • Easy Navigation: Find the Webcaster in the dashboard menu or directly from any Stream Overview.
  • Camera or Screen Sharing: Choose whether to share your camera or screen.
  • Audio Configuration: Select your preferred audio input device and configure it to perfection.
  • Stats at a Glance: Keep a close eye on your streaming health with real-time stats. Check packet loss, Round Trip Time (RTT), and ensure a smooth broadcasting experience.


To support the latest update, we’ve added specific sections to our official documentation:

🖥️ DASHBAORD (Usage Guidance)
Use the nanoStream Webcaster

📈 Be sure to delve into the Analytics section within the nanoStream Cloud dashboard. Receive alerts about the quality and health of your streams, explore various metrics, and access all the valuable insights necessary to enhance both the quality of service and the audience experience. Learn more here.

Dashboard Docs: Useful Resources

Dive into nanoStream Cloud and learn how to manage and monitor your streams
●  Overview
●  Getting Started
●  Start Streaming (incl. How to Use the nanoStream Webcaster or a separate live endcoder software or hardware)
●  Stream Overview

Functions featured in the Dashboard
●  Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) and Live Transcoding
●  Thumbnails
●  Secure Playback & Secure Token
●  Embed nanoPlayer Code on Your Web Page

Analytics in the Dashboard
●  Metrics in the Dashboard
●  Alerts and Advices in the Dashboard

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