nanoStream Browser based Live Video Encoding and Streaming

nanoStream browser based live encoding

nanoStream supports browser based live encoding and playback for web integration with HTML/Javascript API


  • HTML/Javascript API
  • Ready-to-use Web Application / Samples
  • Easy integration into custom workflows
  • All core features from nanoStream available
    • Web cam and capture device support including Full HD encoding
    • High Quality H.264/AAC video/audio encoding and RTMP streaming
    • Hardware accelerated encoder for Windows available (Quicksync)
    • Compatible to existing Media Servers Streaming Workflows and CDN (nanoStream Cloud, Wowza, Adobe, Akamai, Youtube, Facebook, Azure)

You have these options:

1) nanoStream

available now, for installation-free, plugin-free live encoding and streaming applications. WebRTC requires a WebRTC-enabled browser and nanoStream RTMP server bridge.
Click here for more information to connect WebRTC clients to RTMP streaming environments.

WebRTC is a new technology which is not available on all browsers. Currently Chrome, Firefox and Opera are supported for Windows, MacOS and Android. Other browsers will be supported in the future.

2) nanoStream Web Browser Plugin


See the separate blog post about our browser plugins for NPAPI and Active-X.

nanocosmos will continue to provide updates to our technology based on our own product roadmap and customer feedback to maintain compatibility and interopability to existing and future technologies.

Please contact us for details or book our consulting services.