nanoStream Browser Plugin for Live Video Encoding and Streaming

nanoStream Browser Plugins for Live Video Encoding and Streaming

NOTE: Browser Plugins are supported on Desktop platforms only and will be deprecated in the future. Consider using WebRTC instead

nanoStream Plugins since Version 2.x and higher, support NPAPI and Active-X browser APIs. Since nanoStream 4, a new native Chrome Extension is available.

  • Active-X
    available for Internet Explorer (IE) for Windows 7,8,10
  • NPAPI Plugin
    available for Safari for MacOS (Chrome up to v44, Firefox up to v52)
  • Chrome Native Extension
    available for Chrome 44 and higher for Windows (requires nanoStream 4 and higher).

On Windows 10 based MS Edge, WebRTC support is planned.


To use the nanoStream Browser Plugins or Extension, you need to download and install our native plugin installer (runtime libraries). Chrome requires an additional install of a Chrome Extension (see below).

See our Quick Start Guide for getting started with Google Chrome.
You find the latest nanoStream Live Encoder Web Page and nanoStream plugin update 3.x and 4.x here for download and a sample implementation for Google Chrome..
You can also directly download the native plugin installers for Windows and MacOS here.

Notes for Google Chrome:

  • The Google Chrome Extension until now only works on Windows (MacOS planned at a later stage upon request)
  • For using the Chrome Extension, you need 2 components:
    • nanoStream Plugin Installer (as usual, now version 4.x)
    • nanoStream Live Encoder Chrome Extension
      (available in Chrome Web Store here…)

Notes for Rebranding/Private Label/White Label Customers

You need to apply at the Chrome Web Store with your own developer account and upload a signed version of the Chrome Extension with your own brand. Contact us for further information.