Join a new live streaming era


Create awesome interactive live streams with real-time feedback from your audience. nanoStream Cloud has ultra-low latency and doesn’t take more than 1 second to get you live around the world.


Reach your viewers all over the world through a trustful live streaming Cloud. Don’t worry about contantly changing viewership, nanoStream Cloud will rock your live streams.


Provide content to your audience on any device. It doesn’t matter when your viewers are, nanoStream Cloud works on all HTML5 browsers, including Safari on iOS.


Enjoy the ease of use of an end-to-end solution and let us take care of the technical part of your live streams. Or integrate nanoStream Cloud to your existing workflow as an ultra-low latency CDN.

See our website homepage or blog for an overview and purchase options.

Use nanoStream for complete live streaming end-to-end, or combine nanoStream components with your existing live streaming infrastructure.

Use our cloud or bring your own server or CDN and integrate nanoStream with your existing RTMP streaming solution.

nanocosmos GmbH, based in Berlin, Germany is enabling interactive live streaming services with ultra-low-latency for business customers worldwide.
We are partners for digital TV and video/audio streaming over intra- and internetworks. Besides products like the nanoStream Cloud, nanoStream Apps and SDKs for Live Video Streaming, we enable applications for custom requirements.
Founded 1998 with a strong R&D background from cooperation with Fraunhofer/HHI, nanocosmos is focused on software development and services with a high demand of technology know-how.


Die nanocosmos Informationstechnologien GmbH entwickelt Multimedia-Softwareprodukte zur Video- und Audiodatenkompression, Streaming, und für Mobile Technologien.
Unser Fokus liegt bei professionellen Videoprodukten, die in Form von SDKs und Codecs an Entwickler und Studioanwender lizenziert werden.

Seit 1998 entwickelt das interdisziplinäre Team innovative Produkte plattformunabhängig für Windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris und mobile Plattformen. Es gewährleistet ein Qualitätsniveau, das nicht allein den technischen Standards der IT-Branche entspricht, sondern vor allem die Visionen dieser Branche definiert und umsetzt.

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