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The high quality nanoStream video encoding and playback software by nanocosmos lets you easily integrate live streaming into your business endeavors. With the new stream management platform, users and developers can create, tag and group streams – and make live streaming with nanoStream software a flexible and cost-effective solution.

With over 20 years of experience in the live video broadcast and streaming business, the Berlin-based software company nanocosmos has earned the trust of customers worldwide.

“Our customers have asked for complete end-to-end software solutions to achieve the quality of service they need. This includes highest quality video encoding with adaptive bitrate, even in unstable networks, combined with low end-to-end latency”, CEO Oliver Lietz explains: “Our customers have built diverse apps for video communication and live streaming. They use our screen sharing feature in webcasting, e-learning, and sports. Apps built with nanoStream enable journalists to send breaking news video material directly and safely to broadcasting stations or talents to promote their work and connect with fans personally.”

5 minutes, that’s how long it takes to build an app with nanoStream: the live encoder and

playback apps are available cross-platform on iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS, and can be downloaded for free evaluation. Even a plugin-free broadcasting and playback solution is available based on HTML5 and WebRTC. All of nanoStream products work on all devices – computers, tablets and smartphones.

The new stream management platform is the latest addition to the company’s live encoding and playback apps and makes the creation of full apps with nanoStream simple – not only for developers, but also for business executives. Businesses can either use ready apps or create their own branded apps with help of the nanocosmos team, and use the streaming service for secure streaming and stream tagging. For enterprise-level security, the software experts offer both cloud-based and on-premise streaming servers.

Live video communication is an important tool for effective business collaboration worldwide. nanocosmos offers real-time unified communications solutions that are fast, secure, and adaptable to any business environment. WebRTC, or Web Real Time Communication, allows fast peer-to-peer video chat communication through the browser. Conducting remote interviews, webcasts or meetings with screen sharing at a distance, or even streaming live events to thousands of worldwide viewers is made easy and secure with nanoStream WebRTC products.

Don’t miss nanocosmos at Streaming Media East 2016 on May 10th and 11th in New York at the Hilton Midtown. Find the team at the International Zone and discuss how businesses can integrate reliable live streaming solutions into its new ventures for their own brand – from 1-to-1 video conversations or streaming events to a large audience worldwide.

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About nanocosmos
nanocosmos is a Berlin-based software development firm, specialized in high-technology live streaming products. With more than 20 years of video coding and broadcast experience, nanocosmos offers video streaming solutions for international customers from San Francisco to London, Bangalore and Tokyo. Early on, they have been supporting live video encoding and streaming on Windows, and later added MacOS, browser-based software and mobile platforms for iOS and Android. nanocosmos is a trusted partner for businesses for high quality live video broadcast and communication workflow.

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