Live Streaming with AI-Powered Live Captions and Subtitles (Speech-to-text)

Our kick off on the AI world employs automatic speech recognition, providing real-time captions for your live streams, such as webcasts and townhall meetings. This is based on our new AI-powered speech engine for live transcripts (speech to text) and multi-language live translation. This innovation promotes accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that your content reaches a broader audience. All based on the global nanoStream Cloud services, with privacy and security under full control.

Getting Started with AI-Powered Live Captioning

To get started, all you need is a nanoStream Cloud account and a pre-configured or running live stream. The setup process is straightforward:

  • Login to your nanoStream Cloud account or create one with our free trial here.
  • Select a pre-configured or running live stream – check out this tutorial if you haven’t created one before.
  • Provide your live caption preferences via this link:
    • Share your preferred languages for transcript or translation.
    • Specify your stream configuration, including the ingest stream name.
  • Get your setup assistance:
    • Once we have your details, we’ll swiftly provide you with a tailored setup.
    • As part of the setup, an add-on to your player page is included. This separates the captioning process from the player, enabling you to display live text captions anywhere on your web page.A demo and sample implementation are at your disposal, allowing you to witness the power of live captioning in action before integrating it into your live streams.

A demo and sample implementation are available here, allowing you to check out our live captioning in action before integrating it into your live streams.

Key benefits of adopting live captioning for your real-time streams

1. Accessibility Amplified:

Live captioning significantly enhances accessibility. By providing real-time text representations of spoken words, we empower a broader audience to engage seamlessly with your live content.

2. Inclusive Interaction:

In the landscape of real-time streaming, especially in interactive use cases like townhall meetings, live captioning takes on a pivotal role. It allows participants to follow discussions closely, fostering a more inclusive and engaging experience. This is particularly important in scenarios where questions, comments, and discussions flow rapidly, ensuring that everyone can actively participate and stay abreast of the conversation.

3. Multilingual Engagement:

This feature is a game-changer for global audiences. It ensures that language barriers are dismantled, facilitating a richer and more diverse viewership. Participants from different linguistic backgrounds can join, understand, and contribute to the conversation seamlessly, transforming your live stream into a truly international experience.

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