How to use browser based live encoding and web streaming with nanocosmos Live Video Encoder and Wowza

Live Encoder Browser Plugin Web Plugin

nanoStream Live Video Encoder






  • Windows PC (XP, 7, whatever)
  • Live Video Source available as a video capture device (Webcam, HDMI, Firewire, …)
  • Wowza Media Server (
  • nanoStream Live Video Encoder ( LiveEncoderPlugins.exe)
  • Playback Application (e.g. Flash)


Live Video Encoder Web Plugin
  1. Startup the Wowza Server server
    If you do not have your own streaming server setup please see:
    Set up Wowza Media Streaming Server on your local computer
  2. Hook up webcamera to PC
  3. Install: LiveEncoderPlugins.exe
  4. Startup
    Open  [install-dir]/web/liveEncoder/ nanoStream.html web page with your favorite browser
  5. Configure nanoStream Broadcast Settings (RTMP)

    1. Select your video and audio capture devices (camera/microphone)
    2. select your streaming settings (Input and Output Options, Advanced Options)
    3. Output Stream/File
      Change URL drop down
      for RTMP Test Server: rtmp://
      for local streaming: rtmp://localhost/live+myStream
      or enter RTMP Server URL: rtmp://[your-wowza-adress]/live+myStream
  6. Start “StartPreview” and ” StartBroadcast”



To play using Adobe Flash player:
Open live.html web page (Link left  “Flash Player Web Page to watch h264 video”)
and enter the information below and click Play button:

Server: rtmp://[wowza-adress]/live
Stream: myStream