Set up Wowza Media Streaming Server on your local computer

  1. Download free Wowza Media Server

    Here you find all informations to get the Wowza Server running:

  2. Install Wowza Media Server

    You might need to update Java.

  3. Starting and Stopping the Server
    Start Menu->Programs->Wowza Media Server [version]->Wowza Startup
    Start Menu->Programs->Wowza Media Server [version]->Wowza Shutdown
    How to verify Wowza Server is running:
    Open a web browser and enter following url:


  4. Create Application [live] for teststreaming url
    Installing Examples
    Once you have installed Wowza Media Server 2, you can install the example streaming applications by following these instructions:

    Select: Start Menu->Programs->Wowza Media Server [version]->Examples
    double-click installall.batNow the Wowza Server test environment should run.
    For further server settings please see Wowza Website.