Education-at-a-Distance with nanoStream

nanoStream enables global learning solutions with complete live streaming software.

Tools for learning-at-a-distance are a key feature of modern educational institutions. The providers of distance learning software need cross-platform accessibility, secure streaming of the educational material, and an easy adaptation of the software into the specific learning environment. nanoStream live streaming software has been adopted by several customers from the educational sector enabling a complete solution, for a classroom experience on the global level.

Whether for university learning management systems, or education-at-a-distance applications, the nanoStream end-to-end solution covers software products through encoding, streaming, and playback. The nanoStream Software Development Kit (SDK) is easily integrated into complex learning management systems, serving one or several universities. Features such as screen and document sharing, and the possibility of interaction with video chat add to a more genuine classroom experience. Further, the SDK enables a player-side switch between the presenter and the presentation, so the student can choose the focus anytime.

The video is live streamed on our streaming management platform, which ensures secure streaming, as well as easy management of streams. Several streams of the same event can be then tagged and grouped to be displayed on a single screen. However, end users can also choose to use their own servers, for enterprise-grade security. The presentation can also be played back on demand anytime.

The nanoStream SDKs and apps work on laptops, tablets, and phones. Issues of bandwidth and connectivity are smoothed out through adaptive bitrate streaming. Benefiting from 20 years of experience in the development of video software, nanoStream software brings highest quality streaming and can be applied cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Android/iOS and browsers). Our Berlin-based team constantly works on offering lowest latency rates to avoid lagging of the educational content.

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