101 most influential companies in the online video space: nanocosmos is in!

We are happy to share that nanocosmos has been since 2014 named one of the most influential companies in the online video space by Streaming Media Europe!

nanocosmos has been partnering with key market players to enable interactive live streaming experiences for years, and thanks to nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player, numerous businesses worldwide are using ultra-low latency live streaming to engage their audiences.

nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player are the perfect combination for use cases where every second counts.

But what makes it so special and part of the 101 list?

  • Ultra-low latency: go live around the world in 1 second
  • Cross-platform: playback on mobile and desktop devices, ALL HTML5 browsers, including Safari on iOS
  • Flexible: end-to-end solution, or ULL CDN – enter your RTMP stream and try it now
  • Complete: power your workflow with our Live Encoder add-ons
  • Scalable: easily scales capacity to large audiences worldwide
  • Cost-effective: reduced setup, hardware and maintenance costs
  • B2B focus: white label Cloud platform, perfect for content creators and platform operators
  • Plugin-free:  nanoStream WebRTC.live encoder for a fully browser-based workflow
  • NEW FEATURES: H5Live Player analytics and metrics for better insights! Contact us to know more.

iGaming, eSports, Trivia Game Shows, Live Auctions, eShopping, Security&Monitoring, and Webcasts are some of the use cases that are enabled by nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player. Our ultra-low latency live streaming platform helps different interactive use cases to engage their audiences.

Contact us and use ultra-low latency live streaming to engage your audience!

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