Webinar: Avoid the Pitfalls of iGaming Real-Time Video Streaming

Real-time video streaming is a critical technology of interactive gaming applications, demanding flawless delivery to keep players engaged. The pitfalls of buffering, latency, bandwidth, and video quality can divert operators from their core business focus. In this recent webinar moderated by Oliver Lietz, CEO at nanocosmos, experts Angelo De Gobbi (COO, LiveG24) and Inga Vakulcika (CPO, 1.lLive) shared strategies for successful real-time video streaming in their respective iGaming applications. 

Different business concepts, varying requirements, one solution 

Based on two very different business concepts that use nanoStream Cloud for real-time video streaming various requirements became clear. While Live24G is an established operator offering licensed live casino and bingo games focusing on Europe and regions in LatAm, 1b.live brings an innovative concept to the ecosystem providing online customizable live dealer tables, specially to the Asian market. 

Here is an overview:

 Live G24 
Live casino software provider  
Online webshop constructor for iGaming tables 
Concept Provides b2b live dealer casino solutions to integrate their licensed games in any platform, and create installations in real casinos or studios. Games include baccarat, roulette, blackjack and bingo.  Rely on 24/7 real-time video streaming with nanoStream Cloud.  Offers operators to choose a provider and a game table with their own design and entirely customizable via 1b.live webshop.  Stream tables include roulette, baccarat and sic bo. Rely on 24/7 real-time video streaming with nanoStream Cloud.   
Operations From Europe targeting markets in Europe as well as Brazil and Africa.  From Europe targeting markets in Asia, specially India.  
Challenges Latency – ensuring interaction between players and dealers 

Ease of use – integrated solution including transcoding, no need to handle streams in house 

Compatibility with mobile devices incl. older models 

Stream security to avoid use of streamed games in illegal markets 

Worldwide delivery of 2 simultaneous in sync streams  
Latency – ensuring interaction between players and dealers even in remote regions in Asia 

Transcoding & ABR – providing different streams to reach more users with different network connections Latency esp. for the delivery to Asia 

Monitor stream performance with indicators like location, bandwidth, adaptivity  

Fast and seamless stream setup to ensure quick product delivery to their incoming online customers  

Together they discussed challenges and solutions for streaming live games in real-time including:

  • Understanding live streaming: igaming and the use cases and applications around it
  • Robust and stable: Picking a streaming infrastructure that you can rely on
  • Global availability: Learn invaluable lessons on ensuring 24/7 operations with 100% uptime, while effectively reaching players across the globe
  • Data insights: How providing Analytics creates better customer satisfaction and business intelligence, based on the right data metrics from the platform
  • Security measures: Understand how to safeguard your games, preventing misuse and ensuring the ongoing protection of your valuable content
  • Tackling trends: Explore strategies for expanding into new markets and adopting cutting-edge technologies for real-time streaming, staying ahead of industry trends