Video Fast Startup: What Is and How It Impacts Interactive Live Streaming

Creating top-notch interactive live streaming experiences goes beyond the simple selection of protocols. It demands a comprehensive approach that encompasses various elements to guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted audience experience, with fast video startup being a key component.

Whether you’re a player switching between different titles, an art collector trying to bid on different auctions, or a casual viewer seeking instant entertainment, the need for fast video startup times is paramount. Instant access to content not only enhances user experiences but has an impact on applications that rely on short engagement times, such as iGaming. In this article, we delve into the pivotal role of fast startup time for real-time live streaming and why it is essential for providing seamless and engaging interactions.

What is video fast startup times?

Video Fast Startup: with and without

When we talk about video fast startup times we refer to the speed at which a live stream begins playing from the moment a user clicks the play button. This is the interval between initiating the request and the moment when the content is readily available for consumption. In essence, it’s the buffer between anticipation and engagement. While it may appear inconsequential, this fraction of time can have a big impact on user engagement, satisfaction, and, importantly, on interactive use cases, where instant interaction is key for success. 

Where is it especially beneficial?

Fast startup times are particularly important in use cases that require swift engagement and cater to short attention spans. A prime example of such a setting is the world of iGaming. In this highly competitive and dynamic industry, players are constantly transitioning between different games, seeking excitement, and instant gratification. Take, for instance, the practice of microbetting. In the world of online gambling, it involves placing numerous small bets across various games or rounds, often in rapid succession. In this context, any delay in startup times can translate into missed betting opportunities, diminishing the overall gaming experience. Similarly, in the domain of live casinos, players frequently shift from one table to another, and some even engage in two games concurrently. In this dynamic environment, fast video startup times ensure instant access to the game and uninterrupt gaming sessions.

Nonetheless, the importance of video fast startup times goes beyond gaming; it’s equally crucial in various other interactive use cases. Consider live auctions, for instance, where bidding wars unfold in mere moments. If the platform takes too long to load, bidders may lose their opportunity to secure coveted items. The same urgency applies to live shopping events, where time-sensitive offers demand swift responses from shoppers. 

In summary, the significance of video fast startup times is far-reaching and not confined to a single use case. Whether it’s gaming, auctions, or shopping, the ability to engage users swiftly is a key element of a seamless and gratifying experience. Faster engagement, irrespective of the context, leads to heightened user satisfaction and higher quality of experience.

Fast playback start with nanoStream Cloud: How it works

Introduced with nanoStream Player Version 4.22.0 and part of nanoStream Cloud 2023 release, the fast start mode is improving the time to first frame and the playback start time with nanoStream Cloud. To enable it, developers simply need to set config.playback.faststart value to true – Go to step by step guide here.

Check below a short demo and how it impacts the overall audience experience:

The introduction of the fast start feature is part of our 2023 release with several enhancements and represents another stride toward our objective of delivering the highest quality real-time streaming experiences. We provide our customers with complete control over their service, enabling them to focus on what truly matters – their business success.

By integrating a global CDN, ABR Player, and advanced Analytics, nanoStream Cloud becomes a unique solution, enriching the quality of service and audience experience in interactive live streaming use cases.

Explore it firsthand through your nanoStream Cloud account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can unlock the full potential of nanoStream Cloud by easily signing up for a free trial account with just a few clicks.

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