TalkPoint: Secure unified communications with nanoStream WebRTC

TalkPoint, a nanocosmos customer, builds on the nanoStream WebRTC to RTMP server bridge to provide businesses and corporations of all areas with complete communications solutions. Web Real Time Communications, WebRTC for short lets businesses simplify their in-house and external communications in a secure way.

Whether it is a 50-person video conference or broadcasting a live event for over 10.000 viewers, the low latency and high professionality of nanoStream software enables effective cooperation among employees at a distance. TalkPoint lets firms worldwide convey their business ideas to a global audience. Directly through their browsers, users can chat with your colleagues at a distance, present slideshows, or share documents. Information and data is securely stored in the cloud or on the firm’s servers.

Live video streaming is an exponentially growing consumer market and video communications are omnipresent. Businesses need safe solutions for live streaming technology in their day-to-day activities. Nanocosmos software and the TalkPoint Convey webcasting platform is available across all platforms. It’s accessible on desktop computers, tablets and phones alike, without requiring any additional download or equipment.

TalkPoint Convey makes it easy to popularize businesses and their products through live streaming events and online webinars, using nanocosmos’ robust RTMP broadcasting technology. Over 20 years of experience give nanocosmos the edge in professional video streaming software development and services.

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