Press Release: nanocosmos ramps up interactive live streaming at Sigma in Malta, Nov 15-17, 2022

Press Release

Berlin, Germany, on November 1, 2022

nanocosmos ramps up interactive live streaming with key features for improved Quality of Service and Quality of Experience at Sigma Europe, Nov 15-17, 2022, Booth #ST112

In Malta, the interactive live streaming solution nanoStream Cloud will be demonstrated with improved adaptive streaming with expanded global reach, and enhanced live streaming analytics and security.

Nanocosmos, the well-experienced and award-winning live video streaming provider for iGaming and betting platform operators, presents their new technology updates for their B2B live streaming platform and API, with a customer-focussed integrated approach, 100% stability and 24/7 operations. The new features demonstrate the wide range of essential requirements that are needed for successful live games and bets: Features now cover improved adaptive streaming, for ultra-low latency live streaming on any device and network to enable real-time interaction. Advanced analytics and secure stream protection, all based on 100% stability and uptime and reliability at a global scale respond to current demands for highest Quality of Service and Quality of Experience.

Smooth streaming for everyone everywhere with free adaptive streaming

Due to the continuous demand for live games that are accessible from anywhere and for any device, Live Video Transcoding and Adaptive Bitrate Playback have been made available for all clients and free trial accounts of nanoStream Cloud, and is now even easier to use and integrate into streaming applications. Adaptive Playback will ensure the highest video quality with the best resolution and bitrate will be chosen automatically to enable seamless stream switching for all devices, even in hostile and less connected network environments, streams can be accessed without buffering issues. To unlock the full potential of interactive live streaming, content that is available in all regions and in combination with the new player for sub-second latency, nanoStream Cloud is now positioned to cover smooth interactive live streaming to achieve sub-second latency anywhere in the world.

Enhanced measures with analytics for end-to-end observability 

To allow gaming and betting operators to better observe the performance of their streamed content, nanoStream Analytics, part of nanoStream Cloud, has been updated to provide improved insights on streaming performance and respective parameters from ingest to playback, which eventually benefits the viewers’ experience.

Security based on encryption enabled by default

Additional features for misuse protection further emphasize the focus on stream security; it is now possible to block specific IPs and websites that use content inappropriately. Suspicious behavior, IP and referral blocking can be managed by our customers.

For a better first mile and a reliable streaming platform

By adding SRT and WHIP as a possible ingest protocols, nanocosmos targets stability and flexibility as key features for content providers, to optimize the stream quality for the first mile of the live streaming workflow, especially for remote locations in hostile network environments.

CEO, Oliver Lietz states “From ingest to playout to support and data-insight, nanoStream Cloud integrates all features needed for B2B interactive live streaming with 100% stability, reliability and customer success for a 24/7 operating business. iGaming and betting operators do not have to compromise quality of service, quality of experience and ease of use to engage their audience with live content. Our commitment is to provide live streaming for interactive use cases with highest quality; based on the reliability and stability that our customers expect, all based on an easy to use and cost effective service platform”.

About nanocosmos

nanocosmos is a Berlin-based company with more than two decades of experience in the audio/video industry. The flagship product nanoStream Cloud is an industry reference for reliable B2B interactive live streaming on any device. With pioneering advancements and milestones like ultra-low latency live streaming on any device and browser, with adaptive bitrate playback, stream protection and data driven live streaming, nanocosmos continues to hold its strong position in multiple market segments for interactive live streaming.

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