Plugin-Free broadcasting with nanoStream Webcaster

What is nanoStream Webcaster?

nanoStream Webcaster enables live video streaming directly from your browser, either from desktop PCs or mobile phones. You can connect a webcam, use the built-in camera or even send your desktop screen contents as a live source. nanoStream Cloud will deliver the livestream in about 1 second to your audience around the globe.

Webcasting can be used for instant presentations without any download, for e-learning or webcasting of events like live auctions.

nanoStream Webcaster is available as a simple demo web page, but also as an API which can be easily embedded into custom web pages (white label, run under your own brand).

What you need:

  • A computer/ mobile device
  • A webcam

To simply try the nanoStream Webcaster go to this page:


With this you can get the full nanoStream Webcaster experience:

1. Make sure to use a suggested Browser like Google Chrome or Safari on your computer. (There may occur problems when using different Browsers.)

2. To use the nanoStream Webcaster you need to create a nanoStream Cloud account first at You can find your API Key under Organisation > Keys > private Keys or simply under the Key Tab.

Call this URL and insert your API Key in it:

Otherwise it will tell you “failed to sign in“.

3. If your webcam is already connected to your computer (or if it’s an internal webcam) you will now see yourself. This means you could technically start livestreaming right now just like that by clicking “Start Broadcast”. But before you do that make sure your settings are correct.

4. By clicking on “Device Options” you will get to choose what camera you would like to use (e.g. internal webcam, external webcam etc.) as well as what camera resolution and what video bitrate. You can also pick an audio device (e.g. internal computer mic, external mic etc.)

5. Once you are done with all your options and settings you can now start your nanoStream by simply clicking “Start Broadcast“.

6. The nanoStream will now get sent to our nanoStream Cloud and then from there you can play it back in any HTML5 Browser, on any device (including your smartphone – and you don’t even need to download any app) and all around the world using our unique H5Live Player.

7. So go ahead and click on “play h5live stream” to open the live playback of your created nanoStream. This will redirect you to our H5Live Player and now you can enjoy an ultra low latency live playback of your livestream with a latency of about 1 second.

8. To end the livestream just click on “Stop Broadcast”.

If you have any more questions about this feel free to watch our YouTube tutorial on how to create a livestream using our nanoStream Webcaster!