Tutorial: Osprey Talon and nanoStream Cloud

In this article, you learn how to configure the Osprey Video Talon 4K Contribution encoder with nanoStream Cloud, for ultra-low-latency live streaming with the highest video quality. You can read more about this partnership here.

With over 50 years of combined experience in the streaming industry, both Osprey Video and nanoStream Cloud are leading providers in their respective areas. Osprey Video, a company specializing in live video encoder hardware, has made it their mission to provide a seamless and secure delivery of streams to dynamic platforms such as nanoStream Cloud.

The partnership between the two companies is built on a strong foundation of expertise and innovation, and has resulted in a powerful combination of hardware and software that works together seamlessly to provide high-quality streaming experiences. The reliable and efficient hardware provided by Osprey Video combined to advanced features of nanoStream Cloud, results in a top-notch streaming solution for interactive video experiences and audience engagement.

Let’s get started!

Supported protocols


What you need

An Osprey Talon Encoder (Osprey Talon 4K-SC)
A nanoStream Cloud Account (Stream Name)
A web browser to access the Osprey Video Encoder

Getting started

Login to your Osprey device
(default login is admin / osprey)


1) Output/Upstream Protocol

Select Channels / Channel 1

In the “Protocol” you can select the upstream protocol.
nanocosmos supports 3 protocols: RTMP, SRT and WHIP
You find the right information in the nanoStream Cloud Dashboard under “Ingest URL“.


Either select “nanocosmos (RTMP)” or “RTMP/RTMPS
In the destination, copy your RTMP Ingest URL
default: rtmp://bintu-stream.nanocosmos.de/live
In the Stream Key, copy your Stream Name
template: XXXXX-YYYYY

b) SRT

Optionally to RTMP; you can use SRT.
Select “TS over SRT
SRT Mode: Caller
SRT Dest Address: bintu-srt.nanocosmos.de
SRT Port: 5000


Optionally to RTMP; and SRT, you can use the WebRTC-based ingest WHIP.
Select “nanocosmos WHIP
Stream Name: XXXX-YYYYY (nanoStream Cloud Ingest Stream Name)

2) Video Configuration

Here you select your live video source (camera)
Source: HDMI or SDI
Output Resolution: 1920×1080
(Note: 4k also works but might require a business upgrade)
Framerate: 25 fps
Codec: H264
Target Bitrate: 3000 kbps (lower or higher possible)
Encoding Profile: Main (has higher quality than Baseline)
Color Processing: 4:2:0 8 Bit (default, higher is possible)
Rate Control: Constant (CBR)
QP Mode: Auto
Max/Min QP: 36/24
GOP Mode: Low Delay (P)
Entropy Mode: CABAC (Higher Quality)
GOP Size: 50 Frames ( = 2x fps )
Audio Codec: AAC-LC
Audio Bitrate: 64 kbps or higher


3) Start Broadcast

Click on Actions/Start

You should now see the live stream running in the nanoStream Cloud Dashboard!


Additional Information

Osprey Talon supports video encoding profiles with higher quality than other hard- or software, like 4K with highest quality. This might require a business upgrade to your account.

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Please reach out to our team for further information or any questions: