Oliver Lietz @ Gaming Americas Q3 Meetup, August 26, 2021


Oliver Lietz, CEO, nanocosmos shares trends, challenges and opportunities in the iGaming industry at this quarter’s virtual Meetup.

The Gaming Americas Q3 Meetup is designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest news in the American gambling industry.

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Here is a brief recap of Oliver’s presentation and Chat with Zoltán Tűndik, Co-founder at Hipther Agency from August 26’s event:

  • Land based casinos want to connect with players that are active in the online space
  • Increasing numbers of platform providers with studios that are basically looking for a solution to bring their live games to the world
  • Audience engagement as a driving force across the board: not only in iGaming, but also in other areas e.g. webcasts, auctions, concerts, townhall meetings
  • How to create the best possible user experience and avoid heavy tech stack?
  • The key feature that we are observing is: live interaction based on latency being not longer than one second / around one second.
  • The biggest challenge goes along with the approach to control live streaming which is very difficult.
Key Take Aways
  • It is really important to understand the whole use case for the achieved end to end control of the whole workflow: Key questions are what needs to be accomplished and how can the best user experience be delivered?
  • There are factors that one cannot control e.g. bad networks, hostile networks, but what you can do is adding business intelligence to improve your outreach e.g. collect metrics and analytics improve the outreach for your games with additional data
  • Clear understanding of monetization goals is required
Most Important Learnings
  • Use cases vary hence integrating and making live streaming easy to access is a priority
  • More and more applications are moving to the browser space and need to work on any device wherever you are.
  • Growth and opportunities with opening legislations
  • Responsible gaming approach: making it work properly and benefit from growth
  • Retain customers by staying on top of innovation, keep the quality high and pricing competitive.
  • Stick to end to end control and rely on efficient and robust technology


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