nanoStream Player Release 4.22.2

Header nanoStream Player Release 4.22.2

This release introduces crucial improvements and fixes to elevate your streaming experience. We have addressed issues that had impacted playback on iOS devices, ensuring a smoother experience across various scenarios. This update focuses on improving playback latencies, stream switch buffering on iOS, fullscreen layout issues, and occasional exceptions during player destruction on iOS.



  • preventing higher playback latencies of some webrtc ingest streams that show frequent resolution adaptions


  • randomly occurring issue that could lead to repeated buffering after stream switches on iOS
  • fullscreen layout issue after entering fullscreen mode more than one time
    • affected screens with display ratios higher/wider than the player including mobile landscape orientation
    • the bottom of the video was partially out of the display area
    • (the issue was introduced in v4.22.0)
  • non critical exception occurring occasionally during player.destroy on iOS

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