nanoStream WebRTC Server and Client for RTMP Streaming

The new nanoStream WebRTC-RTMP server bridge features seemless integration of WebRTC clients into streaming media environments.
Based on a HTML/Javascript client running in WebRTC compatible browsers (e.g. Google Chrome), you can connect plugin-free video technology to RTMP streaming servers.

nanoStream WebRTC can be used for video conferencing, screen sharing, or live streaming on desktop and mobile Android platforms without additional software installation.

A nanoStream WebRTC server or cloud license is required.

Please contact us for details.

WebRTC background

WebRTC is a new browser technology currently available as pre-standard release in Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. It is not available in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari.

With WebRTC, audio/video communication is enabled within browsers without the installation of additional software. As it is originally based on telephony standards, it is a peer-to-peer technology completely incompatible to streaming media environments such as RTMP.
WebRTC is currently based on the VP8 video codec which is different from H264, and the SDP/RTP messaging protocols, which are different from streaming media.