nanoStream Webcaster Client Release 5.9.2

We have released the nanoStream Webcaster Client 5.9.2.

Release Notes
This release fixes a critical bug and issue regarding connections that could occasionally not be established to the server on newer versions of iOS (versions 13.6+) in Safari.

Additionally, we have implemented an encoding setting that forces the H264 “Baseline” encoding profile to be used by Chrome browsers in Windows. This can potentially reduce streaming latency in cases where the browser would otherwise choose a different encoding profile (“Main”, “High” or another). It can be set in the startBroadcast(config) API call. Please find further information here.

Further enhancements include that the device ID can now be omitted when starting the preview for screen sharing and warnings will be shown in the console when incorrect parameters are being passed into the API.



  • improve iOS versions >= 13.6 connectivity issue. iOS devices with newer OS got stuck in signaling state.


  • renamed encoding.h264Profile parameter ‘baseline’ to ‘cbp’.
  • enhanced H264 codec profile replacement algorithm.


  • startBroadcast() now supports h264profile setting. Possible value: encoding.h264Profile = ‘baseline’. Configuring baseline will force chromium based browsers to use baseline h264 encoding profile. When omitting, default will be used. Default can be ‘high’ profile on some systems, potentially causing playout to have higher latency.
  • warnings will be shown in console when passing false parameters into the API, e.g. for bitrates, resolution and framerate.


  • device ID can be omitted in startPreview(), when using screen capture.

Release Package Download / Complete Bundle Package and Demo Page


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