nanoStream Webcaster Client Release 5.8.0

Release Notes

With this release we are adding audio preprocessing options to your webcasts. This may enhance audio streaming quality for music and other high-bandwidth non-speech signals. Background information: By default, WebRTC browsers add specific audio processing filters to enhance the quality of speech-based signals e.g. in video conferencing or screen-sharing applications. These speech filters reduce noise and possible echoes during conferencing, but also have an impact on audio quality for music and other non-speech signals. Disabling these filters improves the quality of music streaming.

Suggested configuration for music streaming:
Disable all filters: “echoCancellation”, “autoGainControl”, and “noiseSuppression”. Potentially keep “noiseSuppression” on.


Disabling “echoCancellation” may lead to feedback loops while microphone and loudspeakers are enabled in the same room.

Suggested configuration for speech-streaming:
Use the defaults or enable all filters: “echoCancellation”, “autoGainControl” and “noiseSuppression”.

Instructions and Documentation

For detailed instructions on how to use those filters, please see our updated online documentation:
API call: startPreview
Speech / Music Streaming 
Quality Settings
Audio- / Video-Only
Device Selection
Multiple Webcasts


The startPreview call now accepts 3 additional optional settings for the audioDeviceConfig:

·         echoCancellation: true|false

·         autoGainControl: true|false

·         noiseSuppression: true|false

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