nanoStream Webcaster Client Release 5.15.0

We have released the nanoStream Webcaster Client 5.15.0.

Release Notes

This release introduces utilization of JWT (JSON Web Tokens) within the API for broadcasting which is the first step of addressing increasing security demands.

JWT is an open standard for securely transmitting information between two parties. It simplifies the workflow and increases security for your end users in an easy way. For more information about JWT click here.

The web tokens for the Webcaster will hold ingest information (RTMP url and RTMP stream name) and will be another alternative to the bintu API key for authorizing with the Webcaster servers.
This means that the bintu API key will not be necessary for authorizing to the servers anymore. This adds another level of ingest security to the workflow.

Please see the documentation on how to utilize web token.

Additionally, metrics reporting has been optimized. This applies to customers who have ingest metrics enabled in their configuration. It includes a small fix and a minor change related to default configuration values.
The minimum interval for reporting metrics to our backend was raised from 1 to 5 seconds. This change is not a breaking change: If you have configured an interval less than 5 seconds a warning will be logged and default values will be used. Please see docs on setConfig().

NOTE: We strongly suggest to upgrade to Webcaster API Version 5.15.0 which will help to improve the user experience of your broadcasters.




  • Authentication with jwt: if provided, jwt will be used for signIn() and is validated on server side.
  • Ingest with jwt: if provided, jwt payload (streamname & ingesturl) will be used for startBroadcast() and is used by the server for ingesting the stream.


  • Minimum possible value for “config.metrics.statsInterval” in setConfig() was raised to 5 seconds. A warning will be logged if misconfigured and either min or max will be used.


  • Minor issue with metrics reporting.



Documentation about secure ingest

5.15.0 Release Packages Download

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