nanoStream Webcaster Client Release 5.12.0

We have released the nanoStream Webcaster Client 5.12.0.

Release Notes

The latest version introduces a new feature: Improved Automatic Reconnection of Webcasts. This allows configuration of the reconnection behaviour on the API level. Application developers will no longer need to implement the reconnection logic as part of their implementation. They now can configure the API and its behaviour in cases of a connection loss. Once enabled, the feature will trigger a reconnect-attempt in one of the following cases:

  • Change of network:
    • On mobile devices, e.g. when switching from wifi to mobile network
    • Switching between multiple wifi endpoints
  • Broadcaster’s brief internet interruptions
  • Unexpected issues on the network side

Another issue that lead to RTMP Metadata not being sent properly, has been resolved.


Additional Information

  • With this release the reconnect feature has been disabled by default in the delivery package. If you simply replace the API JavaScript file (nano.webrtc.5.12.0.min.js) and leave the feature disabled, you will not experience any behavioural changes in your current implementation.
  •  The feature in the provided samples has been enabled on all demo Webcaster websites that we host e.g. see here.
  •  NOTE: If you were previously using the Webcaster API as documented and did not make any major changes to the samples provided by us, we advise to enable the Reconnect Feature.
  •  NOTE: If you are using the API in a more complex way and have a fair amount of custom logic in your application, please be aware that you should review any of your custom logic dedicated to reconnecting a webcast. We recommend to enable and test the feature after you have disabled your custom reconnection implementation.
  •  NOTE: If the API reconnection is enabled, the events BroadcastError and StartBroadcastError will not fire between each new reconnection attempt that occurs. You will receive a final StartBroadcastError after all reconnect attempts have failed. The error object contains information about the amount of attempts after final failure.




  • sendMetaData() API call was broken


  • automatic reconnection feature. Enabled via the setConfig() API call. Triggered in case of connection loss while a webcast is running.

Enabling the feature

To enable the feature, the setConfig API call now provides additional options:

  • reconnect.minDelay: minimal amount of seconds to wait before attempting a reconnect after connection loss
  • reconnect.maxDelay: maximum amount of seconds to wait before attempting a reconnect after connection loss
  • reconnect.maxRetries: maximum amount reconnect attempts, setting this to an integer greater than 0 will enable the reconnect feature



Documentation about automatic reconnection


5.12.0 Release Packages Download

Complete Bundle Package with Demo Page


Please reach out to our team for further informations or any questions: