nanoStream Webcaster Client Release 5.11.1

We have released the nanoStream Webcaster Client 5.11.1.

Release Notes

With this release the following rare condition has been fixed: unnecessary delay taking place when Chrome browser was used.

Additional analytics and metrics improvements.

Backend:  The backend analysis for customers that use Webcaster metrics.

Client side: New stats are available when listening to the “ReceivedWebRTCStats” event.

New available client side stats:

  • videoSendDelay: an indication for additional delay on the sender (browser) side.
  • Minimum, maximum and average values in the past 10 seconds, for the following stats:
    • videoSendDelay(Min/Max/Average)
    • audioBitrate(Min/Max/Average)
    • videoBitrate(Min/Max/Average)
    • framerate(Min/Max/Average)

Please note that most of the stats are available in Chrome. Other browsers, e.g. Firefox, may not provide all documented stats.


How to listen to the event

Documentation of stats

Information about stats and metrics



  • under rare conditions in Chrome additional delay was introduced. This could additionally cause asynchronous audio/video tracks.


  • “ReceivedWebRTCStats” event now contains additional stats in data.stats.results: videoSendDelay, videoSendDelayMin, videoSendDelayMax, videoSendDelayAverage, framerateMin, framerageMax, framerageAverage, videoBitrateMin, videoBitrateMax, videoBitrateAverage, audioBitrateMin, audioBitrateMax, audioBitrateAverage. Min/Max/Average value are based on measurements for the past 10 seconds.

5.11.1 Release Packages Download

Complete Bundle Package with Demo Page