nanoStream SDK for iOS 4.8.9

nanoStream 4.8.9 for iOS Release Notes

  • improved: start and stop methods for nanostreamAVCRtmpSourceCaptureSession are now thread safe and asynchronous, the methods startRunning and stopRunning are not available anymore
  • fixed possible crash in internal logging framework
  • fixed pausing and resuming of live streams could lead to flickering video
  • fixed possible issues for nanostreamAVCRtmpSourceCaptureSession when startRunning and stopRunning are simultaneously invoked by different threads
  • fixed: prevent memory growth under high CPU load on the player side
  • changed comment/doc for method sendMetadata
  • added options receiveTimeout and sendTimeout for the encoder
  • removed capture of exceptions to log files
  • changed metadata handling, the delegate method didReceiveMetaData is now called in sync with the stream time
  • fixed a rare issue, where parts of encoded audio packets were invalid, which could lead to asynchronous playback for some players
  • fixed green stripes in playback under certain (rare) conditions
  • changed metadata format in bintu samples for auto rotation of stream

How to download & upgrade

nanoStream SDK is available for download on our web site.

All customers with a valid update & support agreement can use the download version and update with their existing license keys.

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