nanoStream Player Release 4.20.2

PLEASE NOTE: An update to this version has been released with 4.20.3 to address an issue in context of a media error occuring during an ongoing stream switch.

Release Notes

​This version is introducing an extension of the automatic recovery feature to prevent interruptions and provide the best possible experience for viewers on iOS.

Improvements include detection and automatic recovery in cases of stalled video playback due to decoding issues and in cases of buffering errors which could previously lead to playback stopping. For additional information, please see the feature description regarding media error recoveries and the errorcode definitions in the documentation.

Another improvement is related to updateSource API calls made during LOADING state. Until now, updateSource API calls made during LOADING state could run into a loading timeout, especially if initiated late in the loading phase. This will now be prevented by removing the loading timeout in case of an updateSource API call during LOADING state.

The current playback time values in onStats events are now increasing continuously without setbacks after stream switches and error recoveries on iOS to be consistent with other platforms.

Furthermore an issue related to failing rejections of unmuted autoplay on iOS has been fixed. The issue has been introduced in version 4.19.



  • Detection and automatic recovery of stalled video playback due to decoding issues on iOS
    • related error: 3005'An error occurred while hls playback when decoding video.'
  • Detection and automatic recovery of buffering errors on iOS
    • related error: 3101'An error occurred while buffering on hls playback.'
  • See errorcode definitions
  • See feature description


  • Timeout handling in case of updateSource API calls during LOADING state
  • Current playback time monotonically increasing after stream switches and recoveries on iOS


  • Failing rejections of unmuted autoplay on iOS

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