nanoStream H5Live Player Release 4.9.1

Introducing a new design: We are excited to release the nanoStream Player 4.9.1, now with a new look and feel and improved, user focused design! Numerous functions have been added to allow our clients to customize the player’s appearance in many detailed ways. The 4.9.1 version introduces a new design of the integrated player controls, icons, a new control bar appearance with customizable colors as well as adjustable transparency.

Release Notes

  • The default color scheme is providing a new modern and more common look and feel.
  • The symbol color can be customized via the parameter (default: “rgba(244,233,233,1)”).
  • The control bar background color can be customized via the parameter (default: “rgba(0,0,0,0.5)”).
  • Given color strings can be valid CSS keywords, Hex Code with/without Alpha, RGB, RGBA, HSL or HSLA.
    Example values (all case insensitive) :
    “white”, “#ffffff”, “rgba(237,125,14,0.5)”.
  • Highlighting of clickable buttons can now be disabled via
  • The animation of clickable buttons can be disabled via
  • The cursor at button mouseover (default: “pointer”) can be customized over by passing a valid CSS keyword or URL for the CSS cursor property.
  • Support for poster images has been added. Poster images can be applied via the parameter. The string has to be a relative or absolute path to a valid img element source like “./assets/poster.png” or “https://[YOURDOMAIN]/assets/poster.gif”.



  • Redesign of the player internal icons and control bar appearance.
  • Customizable icon and control bar background colors and transparency.
  • Customizable button behaviour.
  • Support for poster images.


  • iOS desktop mode detection and handling in Safari and Chrome


  • setVolume method not applying the value 0/zero.
  • Use parentNode instead of parentElement.

Release Notes 4.9.1

Release Package 4.9.1 Download

Further Information

Any questions? Please refer to our FAQ section or reach out to our support team.